Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nadia Lopez

Nadia Lopez is new to the porn industry, shes 25 but doesn't look a day over 21, shes Cuban /Puerto Rican. I must say she has an incredible body, big tits and juicy ass. She has shot scenes for Bangbros, Realitykings, Brazzers and more. Her favorite position is doggystyle and loves to give blowjobs. Aside from being sexual, Nadia has a college degree. Expect nothing but exceptional scenes from this Hispanic beauty. I'm glad i got the opportunity to interview her. Read more about Nadia Lopez below.

PRV: To my understanding your new to the porn industry,
So tell the story of how you got into porn and why?

NL: I knew there was money to made and I knew someone that was in the industry so it was easy for me to start shooting.

PRV: Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, Who did you
shoot for? What went through your mind? Did you do anything

NL: This is actually a funny story. The day of my first shoot with Reality Kings, I was in hair and makeup and they were showing me the picture and test results for the male talent and it turned out to be a friend from high school, J-Mac. I was hoping when I got to the shoot that he wouldn't remember me but then when I got there he was like I know you and he actually made the shoot very fun and relaxed, he was very professional.

PRV: How does your family and friends feel about you being in porn?

NL: A few of my siblings know that I do porn and a lot of my friends but they are all supportive and they have never judged me.

PRV: How did you come up with your porn name?

NL: I was actually staying with Isis Taylor and Ethan Hunt and they helped me come up with it. :)

PRV: Are you looking to be in porn for a long time ?

NL: No I'm not. I plan on opening my own business soon and whatnot, so no I hope I am not doing porn by the time I'm 30.

PRV: How many scenes have you shot so far? And for what companies?

NL: I have shot a few scenes. I've worked with Reality Kings, Brazzers/mofos, Bangbros/bangbus, Naughty America, Cheetah Lounge, Kick Ass and I believe that is it.

PRV: Do you have a favorite company you've worked with so far?

NL: Every company has their quarks and things they do. People are different in every company so I mean there are different things I like about each company I work for.

PRV: You recently had a scene released for Bangbus, What was that
experience like shooting for the famous bangbus?

NL: It was so much fun. Preston makes it funny so it doesn't really seem like work. ;)

PRV: Favorite Scene so far?

NL: My favorite scene so far was probably bangbus because it was a lot of fun to shoot.

PRV: Worst scene so far?

NL: A scene that I shot for a small company. It was horrible, the guy was so nervous that he couldn't even keep his dick up.

PRV: Favorite male talent or female talent you've worked with?

NL: I can't point out one specific one. They were all very professional with me and made my shoots comfortable and easy going. (;

PRV: Least favorite male talent or female talent you've worked with?

NL: The same scene I mentioned above. I call him "firecrotch". *names have been changed to protect the innocent. lol

PRV: Whats your ethnic background?

NL: I am Hispanic. Cuban /Puerto Rican

PRV: Do you speak fluent Spanish?

NL: Yes I do speak Spanish fluently.

PRV: Where are you from?

NL: I am from Miami. I love my city! <3 No place like it.

PRV: What are your measurements?

NL: 32C, 26, 36

PRV: I love every part of your body but what is your Favorite part of your body?

NL: My favorite part, probably my waist and ass.

PRV: Favorite Position?

NL: I like doggy style or me on my stomach.

PRV: Ever watch porn before getting into porn?

NL: Yes, I have always been a horny person!

PRV: When did you loose your virginity? How was it?

NL: I lost my virginity when I was 16 and it wasn't bad at all, I had an orgasm and everything.

PRV: What do you feel is your strong suit when it comes to sex?

NL: I love sucking dick so I do it good and I can ride a mean dick!! ;)

PRV: Do you like sex slow and sensual or fast and hard?

NL: Sometimes my mood changes, I like it rough and hard sometimes but also slow and sensual with my man!

PRV: Penis Size: Big or Small? Does it matter?

NL: A small dick won't do the job, sorry boys lol.

PRV: Are you dominant or submissive in sex?

NL: Again, I have my moods, a little of both.

PRV: Where do you like a cumshot?

NL: On my tits preferably.

PRV: Do you have any tattoos? If so how many?

NL: I have 2 tattoos. One on my left shoulder and the other on my lower back as you can see in my videos.

PRV: What WONT you do in porn? (Anal,DP,Interracial) and Why?

NL: No anal, no gangbangs, no creampies, no DP, andddd I don't do 2 guys at once or more.

PRV: Do you masturbate? If so do you use toys?

NL: I masturbate sometimes, I have a man and he fucks me right whenever I want it. ;)

PRV: Do you watch your own scenes?

NL: Yes I watch the clips, never all the scene.

PRV: Whats the difference between porn sex and personal sex?

NL: I am a very emotional person so porn sex to me is just the act of sex, and my personal sex with my amazing boyfriend is passionate and erotic and amazing.

PRV: What do you like in a man?

NL: I like a confident and passionate man.

PRV: Are you into women?

NL: Yes, but I'm not a lesbian. ;)-

PRV: 5 Fun Facts About Nadia Lopez are.......?

NL: 1.Nadia Lopez has a college degree. 2. Nadia Lopez has only had cosmetic surgery one time, her nose :). 3.Shes 25 years old. 4. She loves to suck dick. 5. Her favorite color is RED!

PRV: I understand you do webcamming for, Is that something you enjoy?

NL: Yea, I like to be able to interact with my fans no matter where I am at.

PRV: So far what do you like about the porn industry? What do you dislike
about the porn industry?

NL: I like that the money comes in fast, but I hate that there are so many fake people in this industry and you can't really trust anyone.

PRV: How do you feel about the AVN awards? Do awards matter to you?

NL: I mean I don't think that all that recognition is something I want or need but if it gets to that point then, WHAT THE HELL? WHY NOT?

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to your fans?

NL: I do enjoy talking to my fans, they appreciate what I do..::wink wink:: lol

PRV: Any last words?

NL: I work through type 9 models for bookings and my twitter is @nadia_lopezzz

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gia Steel

Gia Steel is porn newbie but is certainly no amateur. Gia has a cute face with a petite body, and a juicy ass. She is only the tender age of 20 but has already been on various websites like Bangbros,Realitykings and Mofos. She has also been in several DVDs. Gia is here to make a career and i feel she has the looks and talent for it. I'm thankful i had the opportunity to interview her. Read what she had to say below.

PRV: Gia Steel i love how you perform in your scenes, you always bring energy and a strong sex drive. Along with your performance you have a cute face and a tight sexy body. I know you're fairly new to porn so tell me the story of how you got into porn. (Please talk about what you were doing before porn)

GS: i was working a legit 9 to 5 at ihop hahaha after a verbal fight wit a coworker i walked off and was reprimanded, so i told my manager to fuck off... i wasn't accepting punishment for something that was completely out of my hands. it was wicked tho some of my coworkers walked off with me that day. they all found new jobs and i didnt want to be back working the 9-5 gig so i went out and modeled nude and such then was scouted by ocmodeling after some time. nothing very special.

PRV: How did you come up with your porn name ?

GS: it was actually selected by my agent hahaha i have a reallly hard time making choices like that.

PRV: Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, What company was the scene for? What went through your mind? Did you do anything embarrassing?

GS: the first time i shot was for brazzers. i was really nervous about not looking good. im not sure i did anything embarrassing :D

PRV: Does your family and friends support you being a pornstar?

GS:some of my friend support me but my family frowns upon it.

PRV: Your 19 years young, correct?

GS: 20 actually :D

PRV: When you speak i hear a New York accent, are you a New Yorker?

GS: no, im not "from" new york im from Mass so its a Boston accent

PRV: Whats your ethnicity?

GS: im a really diverse mix. so a mut. im really native American Italian and puerto rican

PRV: What are your measurements?

GS: im going from my hips 36, waist 21, and im a 34b bra

PRV: You're nice and petite, but How tall are you?

GS: im 5'3

PRV: I think you have a nice ass and tits, but Whats your favorite part of your body?

GS: deff my butt :D

PRV: You have a nice tight stomach and toned legs, do you work out?

GS: i do work out, it is really good for over all wellness

PRV: Who's your favorite male talent to work with? Why?

GS: i dont really have one yet :D

PRV: Who's your favorite female talent to work with? Why?

GS: Victoria Rae black

PRV: You had a steamy scene with Xander Corvus in Geek Girls The Gamers great chemistry between you two... What scene do you feel you performed the best in?

GS: yeah, he is deff one of the younger guys ive been able to work with so its a much easier sexual attraction. i have had a ton of good scene but i do think this was my best, just b/c the fact i got to be my geeky self hehehe

PRV: Which pornstars have you not worked with that you would like to?

GS: Alicia Shabra

PRV: Favorite company to work with? Why?

GS: so far new sensation i really love the work they've given me

PRV: What company would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

GS: penthouse

PRV: What things WONT you do in porn? (Anal,Bondage,Urinate etc.) and Why?

GS: anal depends on the bondage and no peeing, hahaha

PRV: Do you have a website? If not will there be?

GS: no i dont have a website. i really want one i just need to get to know someone that can make it for me :D

PRV: What projects are you currently working on?

GS: none really. ive made plans to shoot for

PRV: When did you lose your virginity and how was that experience?

GS: it was okay, it was with another teen so it didnt last long...

PRV: Do you masturbate? If so, do you use fingers or toys?

GS: not really, but if i do i use a toy

PRV: Penis size: Big or Small? Length over Width? How do you like it?

GS: i like a bit of length and some width to a cock.

PRV: Favorite position?

GS: my fav is doggy

PRV: Do you like to be pounded fast and hard or sensual and slowly stroked?

GS: i like to start off making love and then get rough as i go

PRV: Where do you like a cumshot?

GS: any place really. i usually ask the guy which he likes more

PRV: I've noticed you like to say the name of the talent that is in the scene with you while performing is that intentional?

GS: yeah, i cant just say baby all the time, and it helps me get off hheheheehe

PRV: Are you really sexual outside of porn?

GS: when i get off the games... hehehe yeah i am.

PRV: I know you recently had a scene for, it was a g/g scenes... So are you into women outside of porn?

GS: very much so

PRV: Are you doing interracial scenes?

GS: yes. i started in November

PRV: What type of guy do you like in your personal life?

GS: tall, dark hair, dominate, and a hard worker. i dont care what they do as long as the work as hard as me

PRV: If you don't mind me asking... Are you currently in a relationship? and Do you have a hard time dating?

GS: i am in a new relationship. its very difficult there are many things to over come, when faithfulness is no longer in the picture. you find yourself with a lot more insecurities so you really have to make the best of things and keep positive.

PRV: If a guy/girl was to see you on the street what would be the best way to approach you?

GS: just walk right up and say "gia" "miss steel" or "mistress" ill deff say hi, i love to do pictures

PRV: A couple months ago pornstars personal information such as (Real name, Address, Phone Numbers, Family Member names. etc) was released on a site called PornWikiLeaks ... Which is now shut down. I'm not sure if your information was on there but, How do you feel about that happening?

GS: i think its pretty crappy that some one really has that little of a life that they had the time to do that. and then drag peoples poor families into it.

PRV: How do you feel about the recent HIV outbreak? This is the second time it happened within the past year.

GS: its scary its basically everyones worse fear in the biz

PRV: What do you feel is the biggest misconception for pornstars?

GS: i think people all assume that we are trashy or slutty when most girls work so much they dont have sex in their personal lives, you get sore and run down really fast if your not careful

PRV: What do you like/dislike about the porn industry?

GS: i wish some of the girls had more respect for them selves

PRV: You don't have any tattoos.. Do you plan on getting any?

GS: yeah i want a Stephen Tyler tat hahaha but i do plan on getting a few when im older

PRV: I think your body is perfect as is but do you ever think about getting anything enhanced?

GS: i thought about getting my thighs done if i ever get bad cellulite but not at the moment

PRV: What do you want to get out this porn experience? and Is an AVN Award a goal?

GS: well, i really want to make a good career out of it, and yes i want an award silly

PRV: Any advice to any females trying to get into porn?

GS: really just be yourself if your a nymph then you'll do fine

PRV: For those that don't know... i know your a big gamer. In your scene Geek Girls The Gamers you talked about the games you like to play including [Aika] please elaborate on what Aika is and your favorite games you like to play

GS: aika online is a game. its free and you get a small fairy "pran" and they play at your side. i love online games heheh i even play with my fans its really the best. i love fighting games like mortal kombat or street fighters. and 3rd person rpg i love them all

PRV: Besides gaming what are 5 Fun Facts About Gia Steel ?

GS: i love to draw, dance, do yoga, write songs and poems, and im and excellent cook

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to your fans? Any crazy fan stories?

GS: yeah my fans are the best very encouraging

PRV: Any last words? (Twitter, Youtube, Booking, etc.)

GS: just keep intouch and stay on top of my latest scenes guys <3 thank you

Make sure you follow Gia Steel on twitter , @GiaSteel 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Alliyah Sky

Alliyah Sky is a newcomer in porn, shes plans on becoming a well know pornstar and i think with her looks and great attitude she will. Alliyah is only 21 but don't count her out because shes young. She has over 10 scenes and already has scenes on RealityKings & (GF Revenge) with many more to come from sites like Brazzers. I was pleasured to interview this Filipino/White beauty, read her interview below and see what she had to say.

PRV: Im aware that your new to porn so tell me When, How, and Why did you get into the porn industry?

AS: Ive been watching Porn for years...I love it and how it gets me all wet and horny so I thought to myself why not do it for others. Plus I'm a nympho so hey why not get paid for something I love while doin a favor for others. :)

PRV: The day that you shot your first ever porn scene... What was going through your head? Did the scene go well?

AS: Well the thing that made me nervous was the stupid little corny skit before the actual scene I cant really act but I can fuck so that part was easy and fun!

PRV: How did you come up with your porn name?

AS: Well the first name I used, Tina Starr was made up by my friends at a party one night but I didn't really like it that much and plus another girl has a name similar to that. I wanted a name nobody else had. Ive always liked the name Alliyah so I added Sky to the end and I LOVE IT!

PRV: How old are you?

AS: I am 21 years young! :)

PRV: Whats your ethnic background? Your mixed, correct?

AS: I am mixed...Filipino and white.

PRV: How many scenes have you shot so far?

AS: Ive done about 10 maybe 15 scenes so far I have a horrible memory lol

PRV: Do you get support from family and friends?

AS: Family does not know...they would probably kill me if they found out =P few close friends know all about it like everything else. Their all the support I need

PRV: What are the positives and negatives about being in the industry?

AS: Positives- Traveling. SEX. $$$$!
Negatives- I haven't really came across any yet...

PRV: How does it feel being the new girl in porn?

AS: Wells its the feeling is the same for every job but once you get to know people and get a feel for everything it all runs smooth.

PRV: What wont you do in porn? Where do you draw the line? Will you do anal?

AS: Refuse to do anal even with a boyfriend. F*** that its only a exit. =P And no gang bangs unless it was by chicks with dildos hell ya anytime!

PRV: Some pornstars are totally against it for unclear reasons but Will you do scenes with African American male talent?

AS: I have nothing against African Americans but I'm just not attracted to them so it would prevent me from showing a good performance or having some fun. No hard feelings.

PRV: Whats your favorite company to shoot for?

AS: BraZZers.

PRV: Favorite female talent to shoot with so far and why?

AS: Gracelynn Moans <3

PRV: Any pornstar male or female that you want to work with but haven't yet?

AS: Teagan Presley

PRV: Favorite Position?

AS: Sounds boring but missionary makes me cum the most. ;)

PRV: What are your measurements?

AS: Well I haven't really measured myself before =P

PRV: What do you feel is the best part of your body?

AS: My pretty pussy

PRV: Penis Size big or small? Does it matter?

AS: Smaller penis seems to get me off the most but if your big and can work it fuck it!

PRV: Will you be doing any webcamming?

AS: Possibly. But Idk yet.

PRV: How do you like your sex?

AS: Rough. Hair pulled. Ass smacked. Show me who's boss!

PRV: Whats your specialty when it comes to sexual activity?

AS: Riding. Makes me squirt.

PRV: Are you into women outside of porn?

AS: Love females. Our bodies are just so beautiful. 

PRV: Any hobbies?

AS: Shopping. I'm addicted.

PRV: Any tattoos or piercings?

AS: I have one Chinese characters on each of my wrists ... means eternal love. And my fav is on my index finger... my molestache lmao


PRV: What do you want to get out this porn experience?

AS: Well-known.

PRV: What do you see yourself doing in 3 years?

AS: graduating college!

PRV: Favorite scene you've done so far?

AS: Real slut party for BraZZers. Super fun love threesomes with a girl and guy. :)

PRV: 5 fun facts about you are?

AS: I love food!
I'm a hopeless romantic.
I'm a horrible driver.
Favorite color is pink.
I'm feel like I have OCD when it comes to organizing and cleaning

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to fans?

AS: Love talking to fans they make me smile.

PRV: Upcoming projects?

AS: Will be in Ohio and Cali soon for more juicy scenes. Yum!

PRV: Any last words? [Booking, Twitter, Website. Etc]

AS: For bookings email
Twitter @AlliyahSky

Friday, September 16, 2011

Isis Love

One of my all time favorites is Isis Love! I love her pretty face and her curvaceous body. Isis Love is definitely not a newbie to the porn industry. In every scene she gives it her all and doesn't hold back. You can always expect a excellent scene from Isis. She also doesn't discriminate when it comes to the "type" of scene, shes open minded. She is very knowledgeable and loves what she does and it shows in her work. I had the great honor of interviewing this veteran pornstar or should i say ALL-STAR. Read her interview below and see what she had to say.

PRV: So my first question is... How did you get into the porn industry? Why?

IL: Long story short, i had a friend who did it and i told her i would be down to try it out, because it sounded super hot and the money was great for a single mom

PRV: And what year did you enter?

IL: early 2000

PRV: How did you come up with your stage name?

IL: my names never were the same when i first started but i ended up shooting for a company repeatedly and it was the name that was used more then once ans it stuck.

PRV: For those who dont know... Whats your ethnic background?

IL: French and Jamaican

PRV: What are your measurements? and What part of your body do you like the most? ( I personally love your tits and ass)

IL: I like my feet the most and lips second. measurements are 36D-27-36

PRV: Your breast are real, correct?

IL: My breasts are really mine lol

PRV: The day you shot your first scene... What was that day like, Were you nervous? Who did you shoot with and did everything go well?

IL: You do anything embarrassing? it was fun, shot with my friends princess, girl girl sex with toys (just like home) it was easy

PRV: What is your all time favorite scene and why?

IL: i dont have an all time favorite but more recently i shot and directed a scene for wiredpussy called "Fuck Doll" with Payton Bell, and i LOVED it!

PRV: What is your least favorite scene and why?

IL: IDK if it was bad i most likely blocked it out of my head lol

PRV: What Male Talent do you think you have the best chemistry with?

IL: there are a lot, like Johnny Sins, Mark Davis, James Dean, Danny Mountain, Jon Jon, Mr. Marcus. just to mention a few.

PRV: Least Favorite Male talent to work with?

IL: i dont have one yet lol

PRV: Favorite female talent to work with and why?

IL: Katie Summers, Gia DiMarco, Amy Brooke, Tara Lynn Foxx, Dragon Lily, Jada Fire, Candy Manson, Jade Indica, there are really so many because i shoot so many different things.

PRV: Least Favorite female talent to work with?

IL: wow, only one girl named Kayden because days after we shot she told people she was raped against her will, the shoot was actually good, she even gave me her phone number when were done and said she would love to shoot more content with me, but her lies days later made me not like her.

PRV: What male and or female have you not worked with yet that you would like to?

IL: i heard about a guy with a really nice cock named Xander but other then that i really dont know for guys, for girls i would like to work with belladonna & Isabella Sky

PRV: Favorite company to shoot with and why?

IL: because i get to tie girls up and make them cum over and over and over. and Brazzers and Naughty America because i always get fucked by super hot guys and girls when im there.

PRV: How do you feel about the site GhettoGaggers and Bangbus? Why? Would you do a scene for those sites?

IL: never heard of GhettoGaggers and never seen BangBus.... so i have no idea how i feel about them

PRV: During sex do you consider yourself dominant or submissive?

IL: Dominant

PRV: Favorite Position? Why?

IL: missionary or cowgirl... cause you can see everything going on and you can look into the eyes of your partner a lot

PRV: During sex do you like to be stroked slow or fast and pounded?

IL: i like both or a variation during sex

PRV: What is the best way for a guy to make you cum during sex? Please get into detail.

cowgirls or missionary for the exact same reason why they are my favorite positions plus you can kiss, slap and choke very easily all while looking into the other persons eyes.

PRV: Does penis size matter? Why or why not?

IL: nope as long as you know how to work it then it will work for me

PRV: I think you have skills when it comes time to get on top What do you feel is your greatest attribute during sex?

IL: being able to read the other persons body while bouncing or grinding works well for me

PRV: Do you masturbate? Why or why not?

IL: YES, ummmmm because it feels amazing

PRV: How do you feel about the title "milf" ?

IL: ive been a MILF since i was a teen so its fine lol


PRV: Any fetishes?

IL: yes.... tons..... feet, kissing, tears, bdsm etc..

PRV: Porn sex VS Regular sex, Which do you prefer and why?

IL: ummmm whats regular sex lol. i like it all

PRV: Do you enjoy swallowing cum? Why or why not?

IL: yes and no... i dont like clumpy cum, i like creamy or silky cum that tastes good

PRV: How do you feel about anal?

IL: love love love anal

PRV: You have done many types of scenes... S&M to pissing on people but What wont you do in porn? Where do you draw the line?

IL: no scat, vomit, child, animal, snuff and so on

PRV: What type of scene haven't you done that you would like to do?

IL: under water sex!! wait ive done that.... hummmmm alien porn and anal!!

PRV: How do you feel about the pornstars that refuse to work with African American male talent?

IL: i say.... more cock for me!!

PRV: What do you love about porn industry and what do you hate about the porn industry? Feel free to talk about misconceptions....

IL: i like the new people who i meet and the freedom i have to travel for shoots and the ability to make my own schedule, what i hate are the stereotypes and the misconceptions.

PRV: A couple months ago alot pornstars personal information such as (Real name, Address, Phone Numbers, Family Member names. etc) was released on a site called PornWikiLeaks ... Which is now shut down. I'm not sure if your information was on there but, How do you feel about that happening?

IL: Some of my info was on there but most of it was wrong, it sucked for some people i guess but thank god they took it down because i hear it was getting dangerous for a few girls.

PRV: And then theres the outbreak that happened in L.A a little while ago, how do you feel about that?

IL: It is scary to think that its happening in the industry, but that is why we test regularly.

PRV: What have you learned from when you first started porn to now?

IL: that i hate latex condoms and oil based lube. lol

PRV: Will we ever see a website from you?

IL: maybe

PRV: What projects are you currently working on?

IL: i have a production company, we shoot music videos, commercials and short films, so ive been really busy with that. Also still Directing like crazy for so there is always new content im pushing out.

PRV: What do you look for in a man?

IL: Humor, Understanding, Affection, Generosity, Driven, Willingness to try new things.

PRV: Are you into women outside of porn?

IL: yes

PRV: I know you have a few tattoos, you dont seem like your a big fan of tattoos, but can you explain the tattoos you do have?

IL: i have a few all representative of members of my family, i get them when i miss them cause i love them.

PRV: Any piercings?

IL: ears, belly and clit (i dont wear my clit piercing much anymore cause people have torn it)

PRV: Do you go to the gym?

IL: sometimes, i try to go as often as time permits

PRV: Personally I think your body is great the way it is but.. Have you ever considered any surgery to your body?

IL: i have thought about it

PRV: Any advice to a female trying to get into porn?

IL: Save your money and go to school, porn is not forever

PRV: 5 fun facts about Isis Love are....?

IL: i like to Fish, Garden, Wake board, Cook & i love being naked in water

PRV: What do you do when not shooting?

IL: all of the above, plus BBQ and work on my other projects

PRV: Is winning an AVN award a goal for you?

IL: No

PRV: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

IL: Still producing and Directing, With my company bigger and better

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to your fans? And do you have any crazy fan stories?

IL: Yes i love my fans, not really, i do like to play COD/BO with them

PRV: Any last words? (Twitter, Facebook, Booking, Website, Ustream. etc)