Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jynx Maze

PRV: How did you get in the porn industry? 

JM: Applied on sites that i knew, they were the first to pick me up :)

PRV: Do you get support from family and friends? 

JM: my family did not know for a little while (they do now)...what can i say they're parents....they worry for me...but at the same time they like that im saving up my money, and not blowing it on stupid stuff.....and yes my friends are supportive :)

PRV: Whats your ethnic background? 

JM: Peruvian/Irish/Scottish

PRV:How old are you? 

JM: 20

PRV: You blew up quick, your very popular. I myself remember seeing a scene
you had on bangbros and from then on everywhere i look you had a
scene.... Did you plan to be as big as you are and why do you think
your as big as you are?

JM: No did not plan it....and im just fortunate for the work i get :).....i enjoy very open minded, I push myself because I want pretty laid back, so I got lucky that companies liked me and rebook me :)

PRV: Are you in porn for money or the sex? 

JM: Definitely  more for is nice too dont get me wrong

PRV: What are you doing when not shooting a scene? 

JM: sleeping, eating, day dreaming, shopping, talking on the phone

PRV: You do anal as well.... Do you enjoy anal more than vaginal?

JM: yes....usually, if the guy knows what hes doing!!! ;)

PRV: Big penis or small penis, does it matter? 

JM: Definitely matters....big cocks please...

PRV: Which position do you enjoy the most & why? 

JM: doggy!! I feel it hit my g spot more at that angle ;)

PRV: Will you ever do a scene with black male talent? (Fans want to know).  

JM: not sure....:/....its complicated, im srry im not trying to avoid the ?

PRV: What are your measurements & whats the best part of your body? 

JM: 34-26-36  my legs and butt :)

PRV: Favorite company to shoot for? 

JM: O boy theres a lot of great companies...but I LOVE HARDCORE...Evil Angel

PRV: You do a lot in porn, all types (dp,bondage).... Which do you enjoy
the most & why?

JM: I enjoy it all!! bondage was new to me when I entered the armory at kink....dps were new to me too....I enjoy dp's the best!!!! omg they are great! lol

PRV: Favorite male talent to work with? 

JM: theres a lot of great guys....Tony Ribas, Jordan Ash, James Deen, kieren lee, Mike Adriano, Voodoo...others I probably forgot to mention :/

PRV: Do you like to be pounded or slow stroked? 


PRV: Please explain how you got so good at bj's and riding lol.

JM: Lol im good at that? lol thanx im blushing :$    ummmm i dunno....i have always been like this....

PRV: You ever consider breast implants? Personaly i dont think you need them. 

JM: Thank u sweet heart :)  and no....unless i had kids and i wanted to get back in the industry

PRV: Do you watch your own scenes? 

JM: sometimes :)

PRV: Porn sex or personal sex?

JM;  MMmmmm most the time pesonal....but when the scene is intense its just as good!!

PRV: Do you hope to win an AVN award? 

JM: awards are nice...but i dont worry about long as im working making my paper boo lol

PRV: Where do you see yourself in 3 years? 

JM: not sure....finishing school....buying my saved up :)

PRV: Do you find dating to be hard because of what you do? 

JM: no not pretty laid back, i keep dating and porn separate...its usually not an issue...

PRV: Do you perfer masturbating over sex? 

JM: please...gimme that cock!

PRV Do you have a lot of sex off camera? 

JM: yes i do

PRV: How did you come up with the name "jynx maze"? 

JM: not too interesting srry to burst your bubble...I danced for a little while before i got into porn...i had to come up with a name...and i was searching and thinking of creative names....well i stumbled across the name jynx....and a few fact i didnt go by jynx  when i danced....but i told myself that if i ever got into porn or modeling i would go by jynx....maze came up from a very good friend of mine....he told me that my life was like a maze...i could go down different paths and be successful :)

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  2. I'm not racist in the least bit, I'd fuck any race of girl as long as they appealed to me, but seriously if the girl isn't into black guys then shut you fucking mouth and deal. It's her decision, there are plenty of other pornstars to watch. Honestly though, white racism? This is the 21st century haven't you realized in any society that matters that the only people allowed to be racist are black and hispanic? If a white person were racist they'd be shunned by other white people, and fucked up by black people. Black racism is much more alive than white racism. Oh, and last thing if you watched the news or listened, and opened your eyes in the past almost 4 years now we have a black president. Now stop worrying about her and go judge yourself.

    1. Thats bullshit. When you say you say shit like 'I'm not into black guys', you are implying that all black men and ugly and unattractive to you. That is as racist as anyone can be. All black men are not ugly and unattractive.

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  4. this guy who talked about alienation of blacks is a jerk he did not know what is a woman. Hispanic women are the better they are hot and have big ass is spotted!!!!!

  5. yea she is not racist she just had an issue with blacks to be straight up i heard my sister who went to school with her in long beach wilson highschool that she was raped an had her virginity took by a black guy at a friends house when she was 17 maybe thats why she loves rough humiliating stuff but still has a phobia of blk guys.

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  8. porno, the only job where you can refuse to work with someone because of their race and not be considered a racist by a large swath of population. I'm white and believe there are only 3 types of girls who don't shoot with black guys
    1. Racist. This is where the majority of girls who don't shoot with black guys fall. Of course they cannot come out and admit they are racist, and porn tends to attract the bottom rungs of society ie whitetrash, prison people, drug people, criminals etc. where racism is obviously more prevalent. So they inevitably give vague and unclear answers when asked if they will do a black guy. Often some like Shy Love will only fuck white guys despite being minorities themselves. In other cases some like Puma Swede will fuck an Asian guy but not a black one, because you know, blacks are just yucky. Others like Rachel Starr, lie and claim they dated black guys but black porn is some how more degrading than all other forms of "White" porn, including facial abuse, or the ones where they get called worthless dirty whores and slapped, and whipped and drink spit and piss and lick a guys asshole (gives you an idea of how lowly they think of blacks). To me the part of it that is most racist is how even the girls who deny being racist, engage in clear racial stereotyping. Ie, I won't do IR because its too degrading and is full of stereotypes (like the rest of porn isn't). And even at that it is making a blanket statement that all blacks in porn act like assholes, when that is not true, many are acting racist with white bitch this and white bitch that, but many aren't. To me the racist angle is because blacks are being judged based off the worst blacks whereas whites are judged based off the better whites. There are plenty of psycho whites in porn too, its not just blacks. But I have yet to encounter the white performer, or at least on the same regularity, who won't fuck white guys because she was molested by her white step daddy or raped by a white guy. I'd wish these girls just be honest and admit they are racist and don't like black people, so at least everyone knew where everyone else stood.

    The most annoying part is when I hear other whites (and soemtimes blacks) parrot that she is just not into black guys. These people do not understand that pornstars are routinely fucking guys they have zero attraction to and never met until they arrive on set, and often they are not attracted to the guy. Male Pornstars are never chosen for their attractiveness, its all about cock size and being able to maintain a woody. Seriously, do you think that every woman who has fucked ron jeremy has been attracted to him? I'm not a gay, but when I think of all the major male pornstars almost half of them are blacks like lex steele, and why are all these white women finding him attractive except a certain niche who "doesn't like black guys".

    2. Moneist. Ones like Riley Mason who are just waiting and slowly add more shit to there portfolio but eventually fuck a black guy.
    3. Girls not considered hot from a black pov. These are the girls who claim they have never been called to work with any black guy, but I question those claims. But they generally involve women with no ass.

  9. Jynx Maze is so fucking wild. It would be nicer to see her being more romantic and soft.

  10. For these people talking about her choice of men so she doesn't like black cock..get! Over! It!!!...she doesn't have to be forced to like anyone . I believe that jynx Maze is.. to me, the best all around porno performer that i have EVER!! seen..that face, that smile, that ass!, those legs, those incredible curves!, and that beautiful personality. I don't think there is any match or girl that even comes close to that gorgeous! Babe!..i would do anything to be with her one night! Jynx Maze is a name i will never ever! Forget~

    1. Fuck you, she is not saying that she doesn't like a certain pornstar, she is saying that she doesn't like men of AN ENTIRE RACE. That is just blatantly ignorant and racist.

  11. this shit makes me sad, some fucked up shit. she looks like she such a good kid. yeah i get off like the rest of you to her i cant deny it but its fucked up man. she's 20, im 20 and i go out play sports and shit while guys step her on her face, give it to her in the ass, spit on her choke her etc. if she likes it i dont know it still seems fucked up that she does...i cant be the only one that feels that way. if shes doing it for the money or because she thinks its OK/fine/no big deal then thats even worse. shes so far away from being a real human being. it'll catch up to her someday probably, like most of the others in the sad, she looks so innocent.

  12. Rock on Hernanday! Yes, because girls who have sex for money, like pornstars, are only doing it to have sex with "attractive guys" because that's what every girl thinks when she has sex for money, including all the girls who fucked the likes of Ron Jeremy and old fucking men! Get the fuck out of here, and admit to your damn racism! Beside, the porn industry, being the out-of-whack industry it is and people not taking the industry seriously enough as a business (hence, the 'get a real job' saying), it's a good place for racist and shit people overall, so they really need to shut-up with all that denial bullshit, because we know the racism happens. LOL. It's so ridiculous, but sadly expectant.

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