Friday, September 16, 2011

Lavish Styles

You may recognize Lavish Styles from her scenes on various websites including Bangbros and Realitykings. She had scenes all over the net back in '08, she disappeared for a little while but now she back and ready to get back to shooting scenes. I got the pleasure in interviewing her, please read and she what she had to say.

PRV: How did you get into porn?

LS: Through knowing another girl I danced wit out in LA...

PRV: How did you come up with your porn name ?

LS: Someone said I was the finner things in life and that's how I got Lavish and I got my last name Styles from wearing my nails long and all the designs crazy and funky!

PRV: Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, Who did you shoot for? What went through your mind? Did you do anything embarrassing?

LS: The 1st scene I did was by myself and I had started my lady friend and couldnt get the sponge out to re change it... Had to call for help ... I ended up Gettin it b4 the help got there tho... Really funny now I think about it

PRV: You disappeared from porn for a while... Why?

LS: Started makin just as much money if not more not having to b on camera ... Not for long tho I'm starting to
Shoot again

PRV: Whats your ethnicity?

LS: I'm Creole

PRV: What are your measurements?

LS: 38dd-25-28

PRV: I love your tits and your ass but, Whats your favorite part of your body?

LS: my boobs and nose r my favorites!!

PRV: How do you feel about the comparisons to Rhianna the singer?

LS: I actually fuckin love it

PRV: Whos your favorite male talent to work with? Why?

LS: don't really have one

PRV: Whos your favorite female talent to work with? Why?

LS: Vanessa Blue it's something about her that she just dominates me and I love it

PRV: Least favorite male talent to work with?

LS: not good wit names so don't remember sorry

PRV: Least favorite female talent to work with?

LS: same answer as the male

PRV: Which pornstars have you not worked with that you would like to?

LS: there's a few but not sure of there names lol

PRV: Favorite company to work with? Why?

LS: bang bros cuz they fuckin rock !! I love The way they treat me there

PRV: Least favorite company to work with? Why?

LS: Not sure

PRV: What do you feel is your best scene to date? Why?

LS: Wit Justin in Miami don't remember his last name because it was easy for us to get it done without to much acting

PRV: How do you feel about anal?

LS: Ewwww hurts haven't made it there yet

PRV: What WONT you do in porn? Why?

LS: Anal swallow, cream pies, double penetration nuthin , gang bang ,

PRV: Do you have a website? If not will there be?

LS: In the process of making one besides the google one

PRV: What projects are you currently working on?

LS: stay tuned and just see

PRV: Do you masturbate? If so, do you use fingers or toys?

LS: yes all the time and I use both !!

PRV: Penis size: Big or Small? Length over Width? How do you like it?

LS: I like medium long or thick and kinda long

PRV: Favorite position?

LS: doggy

PRV: Are you dominant or submissive during sex?

LS: both depends on whom I'm having it wit

PRV: Do you like to be pounded fast and hard or sensual and slowly stroked?

LS: both hard and slow

PRV: Where do you like a cumshot?

LS: my tummy

PRV: What do you feel is your strong suit when comes to sex?

LS: deep throating and riding

PRV: Do you have alot of sex outside of porn?

LS: yes I'm a nympho

PRV: What type of guy do you like in your personal life?

LS: All kinds

PRV: Are you into women in your personal life?

LS: he'll yes

PRV: If you dont mind me asking... Are you currently in a relationship?

LS: Yes I Am

PRV: Best way to approach you is to.....?

LS: come correct and b respectful and 100

PRV: A couple months ago alot pornstars personal information such as (Real name, Address, Phone Numbers, Family Member names. etc) was released on a site called PornWikiLeaks ... Which is now shut down. I'm not sure if your information was on there but, How do you feel about that happening?

LS: I think it's a fuckin disaster I would hate to have has that happen to me
I don't kno i don't worry about that shit someone's gonna always have something to say

PRV: What do you like about the porn industry? What do you hate about the porn industry?

LS: I love being able to fuck make a name for myself and get money while doin it... I hate that we dont use condoms

PRV: What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment in your porn career so far?

LS: taking care of My family while doing me

PRV: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

LS: Um having a baby and building my dream house from ground up

PRV: How do you feel about the AVN awards? Do awards matter to you?

LS: I dont care about that shit dosent make me nor brake me

PRV: Any advice to any females trying to get into porn?

LS: Be true to urself don't do anything u don't wanna do for an extra buck

PRV: 6 Fun Facts About you are.....?

LS: Myself at all times , fun, outgoing, nympho, beautiful ,dare devil, hustler

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to your fans? Any crazy fan stories?

LS: yes I love talkin to them !! Many crazy stories to long to tell

PRV: Any last words? (Twitter, Youtube, Booking, etc.)

LS: follow this lil redbone thang @xxxLavishStyles FB: Dominiqie Horton for booking info contact type 9 modeling or Kevin 818 309-7581


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