Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gia Steel

Gia Steel is porn newbie but is certainly no amateur. Gia has a cute face with a petite body, and a juicy ass. She is only the tender age of 20 but has already been on various websites like Bangbros,Realitykings and Mofos. She has also been in several DVDs. Gia is here to make a career and i feel she has the looks and talent for it. I'm thankful i had the opportunity to interview her. Read what she had to say below.

PRV: Gia Steel i love how you perform in your scenes, you always bring energy and a strong sex drive. Along with your performance you have a cute face and a tight sexy body. I know you're fairly new to porn so tell me the story of how you got into porn. (Please talk about what you were doing before porn)

GS: i was working a legit 9 to 5 at ihop hahaha after a verbal fight wit a coworker i walked off and was reprimanded, so i told my manager to fuck off... i wasn't accepting punishment for something that was completely out of my hands. it was wicked tho some of my coworkers walked off with me that day. they all found new jobs and i didnt want to be back working the 9-5 gig so i went out and modeled nude and such then was scouted by ocmodeling after some time. nothing very special.

PRV: How did you come up with your porn name ?

GS: it was actually selected by my agent hahaha i have a reallly hard time making choices like that.

PRV: Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, What company was the scene for? What went through your mind? Did you do anything embarrassing?

GS: the first time i shot was for brazzers. i was really nervous about not looking good. im not sure i did anything embarrassing :D

PRV: Does your family and friends support you being a pornstar?

GS:some of my friend support me but my family frowns upon it.

PRV: Your 19 years young, correct?

GS: 20 actually :D

PRV: When you speak i hear a New York accent, are you a New Yorker?

GS: no, im not "from" new york im from Mass so its a Boston accent

PRV: Whats your ethnicity?

GS: im a really diverse mix. so a mut. im really native American Italian and puerto rican

PRV: What are your measurements?

GS: im going from my hips 36, waist 21, and im a 34b bra

PRV: You're nice and petite, but How tall are you?

GS: im 5'3

PRV: I think you have a nice ass and tits, but Whats your favorite part of your body?

GS: deff my butt :D

PRV: You have a nice tight stomach and toned legs, do you work out?

GS: i do work out, it is really good for over all wellness

PRV: Who's your favorite male talent to work with? Why?

GS: i dont really have one yet :D

PRV: Who's your favorite female talent to work with? Why?

GS: Victoria Rae black

PRV: You had a steamy scene with Xander Corvus in Geek Girls The Gamers great chemistry between you two... What scene do you feel you performed the best in?

GS: yeah, he is deff one of the younger guys ive been able to work with so its a much easier sexual attraction. i have had a ton of good scene but i do think this was my best, just b/c the fact i got to be my geeky self hehehe

PRV: Which pornstars have you not worked with that you would like to?

GS: Alicia Shabra

PRV: Favorite company to work with? Why?

GS: so far new sensation i really love the work they've given me

PRV: What company would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

GS: penthouse

PRV: What things WONT you do in porn? (Anal,Bondage,Urinate etc.) and Why?

GS: anal depends on the bondage and no peeing, hahaha

PRV: Do you have a website? If not will there be?

GS: no i dont have a website. i really want one i just need to get to know someone that can make it for me :D

PRV: What projects are you currently working on?

GS: none really. ive made plans to shoot for

PRV: When did you lose your virginity and how was that experience?

GS: it was okay, it was with another teen so it didnt last long...

PRV: Do you masturbate? If so, do you use fingers or toys?

GS: not really, but if i do i use a toy

PRV: Penis size: Big or Small? Length over Width? How do you like it?

GS: i like a bit of length and some width to a cock.

PRV: Favorite position?

GS: my fav is doggy

PRV: Do you like to be pounded fast and hard or sensual and slowly stroked?

GS: i like to start off making love and then get rough as i go

PRV: Where do you like a cumshot?

GS: any place really. i usually ask the guy which he likes more

PRV: I've noticed you like to say the name of the talent that is in the scene with you while performing is that intentional?

GS: yeah, i cant just say baby all the time, and it helps me get off hheheheehe

PRV: Are you really sexual outside of porn?

GS: when i get off the games... hehehe yeah i am.

PRV: I know you recently had a scene for, it was a g/g scenes... So are you into women outside of porn?

GS: very much so

PRV: Are you doing interracial scenes?

GS: yes. i started in November

PRV: What type of guy do you like in your personal life?

GS: tall, dark hair, dominate, and a hard worker. i dont care what they do as long as the work as hard as me

PRV: If you don't mind me asking... Are you currently in a relationship? and Do you have a hard time dating?

GS: i am in a new relationship. its very difficult there are many things to over come, when faithfulness is no longer in the picture. you find yourself with a lot more insecurities so you really have to make the best of things and keep positive.

PRV: If a guy/girl was to see you on the street what would be the best way to approach you?

GS: just walk right up and say "gia" "miss steel" or "mistress" ill deff say hi, i love to do pictures

PRV: A couple months ago pornstars personal information such as (Real name, Address, Phone Numbers, Family Member names. etc) was released on a site called PornWikiLeaks ... Which is now shut down. I'm not sure if your information was on there but, How do you feel about that happening?

GS: i think its pretty crappy that some one really has that little of a life that they had the time to do that. and then drag peoples poor families into it.

PRV: How do you feel about the recent HIV outbreak? This is the second time it happened within the past year.

GS: its scary its basically everyones worse fear in the biz

PRV: What do you feel is the biggest misconception for pornstars?

GS: i think people all assume that we are trashy or slutty when most girls work so much they dont have sex in their personal lives, you get sore and run down really fast if your not careful

PRV: What do you like/dislike about the porn industry?

GS: i wish some of the girls had more respect for them selves

PRV: You don't have any tattoos.. Do you plan on getting any?

GS: yeah i want a Stephen Tyler tat hahaha but i do plan on getting a few when im older

PRV: I think your body is perfect as is but do you ever think about getting anything enhanced?

GS: i thought about getting my thighs done if i ever get bad cellulite but not at the moment

PRV: What do you want to get out this porn experience? and Is an AVN Award a goal?

GS: well, i really want to make a good career out of it, and yes i want an award silly

PRV: Any advice to any females trying to get into porn?

GS: really just be yourself if your a nymph then you'll do fine

PRV: For those that don't know... i know your a big gamer. In your scene Geek Girls The Gamers you talked about the games you like to play including [Aika] please elaborate on what Aika is and your favorite games you like to play

GS: aika online is a game. its free and you get a small fairy "pran" and they play at your side. i love online games heheh i even play with my fans its really the best. i love fighting games like mortal kombat or street fighters. and 3rd person rpg i love them all

PRV: Besides gaming what are 5 Fun Facts About Gia Steel ?

GS: i love to draw, dance, do yoga, write songs and poems, and im and excellent cook

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to your fans? Any crazy fan stories?

GS: yeah my fans are the best very encouraging

PRV: Any last words? (Twitter, Youtube, Booking, etc.)

GS: just keep intouch and stay on top of my latest scenes guys <3 thank you

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