Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jordana Heat

Jordana Heat is new to the adult industry. She only has a handful of scenes under her belt but she is aiming to be a household name. Mark her words "Keep on your toes, because hopefully I'll be right next to Jenna Jamenson when It comes to the Porn World." 

Only standing 5'5 but she has a big personality. Read below  as she talks about sex,high school,AVN awards and more.

How and why did you get into porn?

I actually wanted to do porn since I was in the 7th grade, I love sex and I'm good at it so I figured why not get paid to do it and get famous for it.

Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, Who did you
shoot for? Were you nervous?

 My 1st shoot was for and it was called Party of 3 with Eva Angelina and Mercedes Lynn. I wasn't nervous till I realized who these girls were, they were pros at this and It was my first time so I didn't want to look like a fool. But the girls were so kind and sweet that when we all got started it was a piece of cake for me.

 How does your family and friends feel about you being in porn?

 My family doesn't know I do porn but its only a matter of time that they do so I'm hoping one day during dinner I can actually tell my mom with out anything happening. My true friends support me 100% and are happy for me.

Any old guy friends from highschool try to hit on you now that your a pornstar?

 Oh my god! My scene came out and it spread like wild fire threw out the Town I went to school in. Girls were calling me a Slut and all kinds of names and guys who picked on me in high school for being so skinny actually hit me up on facebook asking if I would ever fuck them. At the end of the day I just laughed because I know Karma is a bitch and I love what I do no matter what.

 How did you come up with your porn name?

I came up with my name real easy. One of my favorite actresses is Jordana Brewster so one night I'm watching Fast and the Furious and it just came to me that my first name should be Jordana, its hot and not many girls have it. My last name Heat came from my Favorite basketball team, Miami Heat.

I watched your Facial Fest scene and you said you wanted to become a star. So you defiantly want to make porn a career?

 Yes, I would never jump into something just to say I did it. If i'm going to do porn I'm going to be the best porn star I can be while I can.

 How many scenes have you shot so far? And for what companies?

I've done 6 shoots for Bangbros, 2 for Realitykings , 2 for Mofos and 1 for Jim Gunns

 Do you have a favorite company you've worked with so far?

 So far I love all the companies I worked for.

 Favorite Scene so far?

My favorite scene I've done was called College We did pranks on each other and everyone on set was amazing!

 Worst scene so far?

My least fav was the facial scene which was release first. I didn't get along with my Co-star.

 Favorite male talent or female talent you've worked with?

 I loved all except for 1.

Any pornstar male or female that you want to work with in the future?

I would Love to do a scene with Jesse Jane and Sasha Grey.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

 I'm very hyper and energetic, easy to get along with and very simple. I'm not a Diva nor do I plan to be one.

How were you in highschool?

I was always suspended for fighting, skipping school and just doing dumb shit. I wasn't a bad student at all though, just made some really bad choices.

What is your ethnic background?

I'm 100% Puerto Rican

I understand your from New Jersey.... Do you like living there?

My heart is Miami, Florida, but my mom and sister live here so I have to deal with it. I don't like living in NJ because a lot of assholes live here but you do have your kind people and very funny people like my true friends.

How old are you?

 I'm 21 right now but I'm turning 22 in 1week.

 What are your measurements?

I just know I'm a 34C

How tall are you?

 I'm 5'5

What is your Favorite part of your body?

 I love my boobs and my legs

You have a nice petite body but would you ever consider getting breast implant or any enhancements?

 If I really need to get breast implants to get more jobs when I'm older, maybe but for right now no. I love that I'm all natural and don't have to worry about anything popping.

 Favorite Position?

 I love spooning and doggy style.

Did you watch porn before getting into porn?

 Yes! Everyday.

When did you loose your virginity? How was it?

 I lost my virginity when I was 17 in a hallway in the movie theater. It was amazing. We both lost our virginity at the same time.

Do you like sex slow and sensual or fast and hard?

 It honestly depends on the guy or girl I'm having sex with.

Penis Size: Big or Small? Does it matter?

 I prefer normal only because I am very tight and small so when I have to deal with a guy whose 10inch I get a little scared but once we get the hang of it and my pussy is used to it then were good.

Where do you like a cumshot?

 I prefer my boobs, only because on my face it always gets in my eyes and that shit burns like a motherfucker.

What WONT you do in porn? (Ex. Anal,DP,Interracial) and Why?

 I wont do anal. It hurts when I poop so to make something go in there would kill me.

Any specific type of scene you would like do but haven't?

 I would love to have sex on a corvette or porshe with a hot girl or guy.

 Do you masturbate? Or would you just rather have sex?

 I masturbate every morning when I wake up. But sex is always a plus

 Do you watch your own scenes?

 I rather just watch the Trailer only because if I watch the whole thing I will be so critical of myself it would never end.

 What do you like in a man?

 I love how strong they can get but be very gentle at the same time.

 Are you into women?

 Yes, I had more relationships with women than a man.

5 Fun Facts About Jordana Heat are.......? 

1) I can blow air out my eye due to a hole in my tear duct. 2) When I'm nervous, I listen to house music to get rid of my nerves. 3) Chinese food is my favorite Food. 4) I love scary Movies 5) I'm obsessed with Glitter.

So far what do you like about the porn industry? What do you dislike
about the porn industry?

 I love how people are very understanding to different peoples needs but I hate that I have to do reverse cowgirl in every scene because that's what people like.

How do you feel about the AVN awards? Are awards important to you?

 I feel the AVN is something people need to be aware of as a real ceremony, not alot of people have the balls to do what we do in front of a camera. I would Love to get an award but I gotta feel like I deserved the award in order for it to be special to me.

How do you feel about your fans?

 I love my fans and they are the ones who keep me busy and paid. With out them I would be a nobody in the porn world.

 Any last words? (Booking Info, Twitter, Website, etc.)

 Keep on your toes, because hopefully I'll be right next to Jenna Jamenson when It comes to the Porn World.

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