Saturday, August 24, 2013

Courtney Page

Courtney Page i just started watching your scenes this year and i must say i love them. Now please tell me when,why and how you got into porn? 

Thanks for watching my smut! I'm pretty proud of my work. I got into porn in 2007 after dropping out of college. I wrote to Kirsten Price on Myspace asking how to get into the industry. She was the only one out of the many pornstars I wrote to on there. Long story short, my mom found my conversation on her computer and told me to either get out of her house or check myself into a mental institution. I told her I was going to LA to do porn and she said "Fine, your plane ticket is waiting for you at the counter.". Not the wayI wanted to go get in the industry but its how most if not all pornstars live with their career and disapproving families. Sad.

How did you get your porn name?

I originally wanted to be called Sophia Button. But I was just so mad at my mom at the time so I kept my real name "Courtney" as sort of an f-you to her and chose "Page" from my favorite band Led Zeppelin. I fucking love Jimmy Page!

Whats your ethnicity?

I am considered a latina in the porn community. But I am actually black. Well black and white. I had to go by Latina so my agency could book me easier. Kinda crazy....

What are your measurements?

My measurements are"Part sex addict, part comedian, part perfection.", haha,  just playin. I actually have no idea so I'm going to guess 32/25/34

I love your ass but, Whats your favorite part of your body? 

My favorite part of my body would be my eyes....even though I am technically considered legally blind.

How did family and friends feel about you being in porn?

Friends thought it was crazy. Shocking. Because I had been a virgin until I was 20 years old and then at 21 all of sudden I am making pornos!

Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, Who did you shoot for? What went through your mind? Did you do anything embarrassing?

I can barely remember my first shoot. I was just so nervous! Afterwards I stayed behind with the director waiting for my ride and I asked him if he could teach me how to perform a hand job, since I hadn't really ever done one. Funny, that's what I remember the most!

Now u recently quit porn and i know your fans along with myself are upset. Why did you decide to leave ? Any chance of a comeback?

I quit the industry in 2011 after appearing in my first feature film, Beverly Hillbillies A XXX Parody. I didnt enjoy the experience or my performance so I decided to try some other stuff in porn. Also, and probably the biggest reason, I had/have a really bad reputation for being a big bitch on set. I never really could recover from that. I wish I could still do porn EVERY single day but I just cant seem to shed my old rep. I even hired PR to help change my image from bad girl to good girl. I regret my behavior the most. I am actually quite a delight now :)

 Who were your favorite female and male talents to work with?

My favorite male talent was Rocco Reed and my favorite female would probably be Ruby Knox, I just love
her! I got to shoot a scene with her that was directed by Sasha Grey. It's pretty epic!

 What companies were your favorite to shoot with?

I dont know about companies but my favorite person was Andrew Blake. I just love everyhting he is doing in the porn world and respect him so much. Now working for the bigger companies like Penthouse and Wicked was great mostly for the accommodations :)

If you could go back to porn to do one scene, what type of scene would it be and who would be in it?

I think it would be the anal scene I never got to do. I would love to comeback if only for that scene, shot by a good production company!

What do you feel is your best scene to date? Why? 

My best scene to date would have to be any of the ones I did for Andrew Blake. Those are my favorite! Fans tell me though that they loved my scene with Jenni Lee.

What was the last scene you shot?

The last scene I shot was solo scenes for I actually did my first anal action with a dildo. Totally my idea and they were like "go for it"! That was Spring 2012.

The thought of working with African American male talent bothers some female performers, what are your thoughts on it?

My thoughts are mixed. When I first got into the biz I was advised by my then agent to not do interracial scenes or anal. I get alot of shit from porn fans about not fucking black guys but its not a personal thing its strictly business. Bad business, but still business.

 What projects are you currently working on now that you're out of porn?

I currently am working in the webcam world. It's so hard! I would eventually like to be doing PR for either pornstars or for webcam models since I feel they are just as important to the industry as any big pornstar. I mean, they are more fan friendly and so appreciative of their fans. Plus they get to be their own bosses when it comes to videos they want to put out there for the public to purchase. And amatuer porn is so much hotter than professional, in my opinion.

You webcam correct?

I try. On a couple sites, MyFreecams and Streamate.

Now on to some sex questions... Do you masturbate? If so, do you use fingers or toys?

I do masturbate. I use my hitachi ALWAYS. Damn I love that thing!

Penis size: Big or Small? Length over Width? How do you like it?

I hate huge cocks! My tiny pussy cant take a 12 inch pounding! I prefer around 6 inches. Width is far more important then length. Most of the pussy sensations are around the opening of the pussy and I havent ever heard a girl praise a guy for bruising her cervix with his long dick. Ouch!

Favorite position?

Power. Just playin. My favorite position has always been BLOW JOB. I get flak for that but if you think about it I have to "position" myself right to give some good head, right? I have an oral fixation, bigtime!

Are you dominant or submissive during sex?

I am both. If I feel the guy or girl isnt taking control I can gadly dom the situation or if its a dom doing me I can submit, happily. :)

Do you like to be pounded fast and hard or sensual and slowly stroked?

I like to be pounded really hard. Like the guy is using my body to masturbate. It feels amazing!

Where do you like a cumshot?

I know the face shot is a crowd pleaser but me personally I prefer it inside my pussy or on my ass.

What do you feel is your strong suit when comes to sex?

Um, thats a tough one. I know I am good at fucking, I know I like fucking. So confidence in the bedroom is what I show......I hope!

What type of guy do you like in your personal life?

I like geeks.

Are you into women in your personal life?

Yes but I am not a lesbian or bisexual. I am attracted to girls once and a while. One will just catch my attention and then I am sprung!

Best way to approach you is to.....?

Smile and compliment me! Then I am putty in your hands!

A couple months ago alot pornstars personal information such as (Real name, Address, Phone Numbers, Family Member names. etc) was released on a site called PornWikiLeaks ... Which is now shut down. I'm not sure if your information was on there but, How do you feel about that happening?

Oh that was so awful. I fortunately wasnt on the list but I heard it was released like on Easter Sunday. How cruel.

How did you feel about the HIV breakout... For the second time within the last year?

I feel that contracting HIV is just a danger that comes with the occupation. Every job has its downsides. Now dont get me wrong I dont take it lightly and truly feel for those who have been infected. I remember when it was on CNN and my mom called me up and asked if I was one of the people to get it. That really hit home for me.

What do you feel is the biggest misconception for pornstars?

I think the biggest misconception is that we have low self esteem thats why we do what we do or that we are all fucking each other and are all single. That couldnt be farther from the truth. So many of the big pornstar ladies are married and mommies!

What do you like and dislike about the porn industry?

I dislike the lack of Courtney Page porn available to the public. I like so many things about the industry. Mostly the fans that come with the work! They are amazing! And so fucking loyal!

What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment in your porn career?

My biggest accomplishment was my reality show Casey's Camper that never really got the attention I felt it deserved. I filmed it all myself and starred in it!

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself doing something great, just don't know exactly what that is yet.

How do you feel about the AVN awards? Did awards matter to you?

I have mixed feelings. I never got to attend the awards. I have had numerous films I was in win awards but I never got my own and that blows. I so want one!

Any advice to any females trying to get into porn?

My advice is to answer this question and remember there is only ONE correct answer: Why do you want to be in the adult industry? The correct answer does not include monetary reasons or for fame. Do porn because you love to fuck and look good doing it.

 I know you and Nella Jay are like BFF's how did you two meet?

Yes that is my girl right therrr. :) We were roommates in the model house for LA Direct Agency. We just instantly clicked.

I know your pro marijuana.. How do you feel about those who scold marijuana smokers?

I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion. So long as they don't force their opinion on those who prefer to toke up.

6 Fun Facts About you are.....?

1. I love to make people laugh. If you hang out with me I will be trying my hardest to keep you in stitches. I'm funny fucker.
2. I am an old soul, so I dont really get caught up in drama. And there is so much drama with these girls in the biz! Oh lordy!
3. I can spell any word on the spot. Spelling bee level swag!
4. I can do any accent perfectly. I should be doing voices for cartoons!
5. I am a multiple that fun? whatever.
6. I love doing pranks. Like knicker knocking( dig dong ditch for some) and prank phone calls.
I hope those sound fun...

Do you enjoy talking to your fans? Any crazy fan stories?

I LOVE MY FANS! PERIOD. I mostly converse with fans through my twitter, I reply to every single person who writes me. And just recently I have been connecting to my fans by playing those games on my iphone (Words with Friends, Scramble, etc.)

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  1. I find it so sad that she had to lie about her race to get work. Talk about the porn industry being racist! I can see why people say the porn industry is demeaning..

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