Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jynx Maze

PRV: How did you get in the porn industry? 

JM: Applied on sites that i knew, they were the first to pick me up :)

PRV: Do you get support from family and friends? 

JM: my family did not know for a little while (they do now)...what can i say they're parents....they worry for me...but at the same time they like that im saving up my money, and not blowing it on stupid stuff.....and yes my friends are supportive :)

PRV: Whats your ethnic background? 

JM: Peruvian/Irish/Scottish

PRV:How old are you? 

JM: 20

PRV: You blew up quick, your very popular. I myself remember seeing a scene
you had on bangbros and from then on everywhere i look you had a
scene.... Did you plan to be as big as you are and why do you think
your as big as you are?

JM: No did not plan it....and im just fortunate for the work i get :).....i enjoy very open minded, I push myself because I want pretty laid back, so I got lucky that companies liked me and rebook me :)

PRV: Are you in porn for money or the sex? 

JM: Definitely  more for is nice too dont get me wrong

PRV: What are you doing when not shooting a scene? 

JM: sleeping, eating, day dreaming, shopping, talking on the phone

PRV: You do anal as well.... Do you enjoy anal more than vaginal?

JM: yes....usually, if the guy knows what hes doing!!! ;)

PRV: Big penis or small penis, does it matter? 

JM: Definitely matters....big cocks please...

PRV: Which position do you enjoy the most & why? 

JM: doggy!! I feel it hit my g spot more at that angle ;)

PRV: Will you ever do a scene with black male talent? (Fans want to know).  

JM: not sure....:/....its complicated, im srry im not trying to avoid the ?

PRV: What are your measurements & whats the best part of your body? 

JM: 34-26-36  my legs and butt :)

PRV: Favorite company to shoot for? 

JM: O boy theres a lot of great companies...but I LOVE HARDCORE...Evil Angel

PRV: You do a lot in porn, all types (dp,bondage).... Which do you enjoy
the most & why?

JM: I enjoy it all!! bondage was new to me when I entered the armory at kink....dps were new to me too....I enjoy dp's the best!!!! omg they are great! lol

PRV: Favorite male talent to work with? 

JM: theres a lot of great guys....Tony Ribas, Jordan Ash, James Deen, kieren lee, Mike Adriano, Voodoo...others I probably forgot to mention :/

PRV: Do you like to be pounded or slow stroked? 


PRV: Please explain how you got so good at bj's and riding lol.

JM: Lol im good at that? lol thanx im blushing :$    ummmm i dunno....i have always been like this....

PRV: You ever consider breast implants? Personaly i dont think you need them. 

JM: Thank u sweet heart :)  and no....unless i had kids and i wanted to get back in the industry

PRV: Do you watch your own scenes? 

JM: sometimes :)

PRV: Porn sex or personal sex?

JM;  MMmmmm most the time pesonal....but when the scene is intense its just as good!!

PRV: Do you hope to win an AVN award? 

JM: awards are nice...but i dont worry about long as im working making my paper boo lol

PRV: Where do you see yourself in 3 years? 

JM: not sure....finishing school....buying my saved up :)

PRV: Do you find dating to be hard because of what you do? 

JM: no not pretty laid back, i keep dating and porn separate...its usually not an issue...

PRV: Do you perfer masturbating over sex? 

JM: please...gimme that cock!

PRV Do you have a lot of sex off camera? 

JM: yes i do

PRV: How did you come up with the name "jynx maze"? 

JM: not too interesting srry to burst your bubble...I danced for a little while before i got into porn...i had to come up with a name...and i was searching and thinking of creative names....well i stumbled across the name jynx....and a few fact i didnt go by jynx  when i danced....but i told myself that if i ever got into porn or modeling i would go by jynx....maze came up from a very good friend of mine....he told me that my life was like a maze...i could go down different paths and be successful :)

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