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Courtney Page

Courtney Page i just started watching your scenes this year and i must say i love them. Now please tell me when,why and how you got into porn? 

Thanks for watching my smut! I'm pretty proud of my work. I got into porn in 2007 after dropping out of college. I wrote to Kirsten Price on Myspace asking how to get into the industry. She was the only one out of the many pornstars I wrote to on there. Long story short, my mom found my conversation on her computer and told me to either get out of her house or check myself into a mental institution. I told her I was going to LA to do porn and she said "Fine, your plane ticket is waiting for you at the counter.". Not the wayI wanted to go get in the industry but its how most if not all pornstars live with their career and disapproving families. Sad.

How did you get your porn name?

I originally wanted to be called Sophia Button. But I was just so mad at my mom at the time so I kept my real name "Courtney" as sort of an f-you to her and chose "Page" from my favorite band Led Zeppelin. I fucking love Jimmy Page!

Whats your ethnicity?

I am considered a latina in the porn community. But I am actually black. Well black and white. I had to go by Latina so my agency could book me easier. Kinda crazy....

What are your measurements?

My measurements are"Part sex addict, part comedian, part perfection.", haha,  just playin. I actually have no idea so I'm going to guess 32/25/34

I love your ass but, Whats your favorite part of your body? 

My favorite part of my body would be my eyes....even though I am technically considered legally blind.

How did family and friends feel about you being in porn?

Friends thought it was crazy. Shocking. Because I had been a virgin until I was 20 years old and then at 21 all of sudden I am making pornos!

Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, Who did you shoot for? What went through your mind? Did you do anything embarrassing?

I can barely remember my first shoot. I was just so nervous! Afterwards I stayed behind with the director waiting for my ride and I asked him if he could teach me how to perform a hand job, since I hadn't really ever done one. Funny, that's what I remember the most!

Now u recently quit porn and i know your fans along with myself are upset. Why did you decide to leave ? Any chance of a comeback?

I quit the industry in 2011 after appearing in my first feature film, Beverly Hillbillies A XXX Parody. I didnt enjoy the experience or my performance so I decided to try some other stuff in porn. Also, and probably the biggest reason, I had/have a really bad reputation for being a big bitch on set. I never really could recover from that. I wish I could still do porn EVERY single day but I just cant seem to shed my old rep. I even hired PR to help change my image from bad girl to good girl. I regret my behavior the most. I am actually quite a delight now :)

 Who were your favorite female and male talents to work with?

My favorite male talent was Rocco Reed and my favorite female would probably be Ruby Knox, I just love
her! I got to shoot a scene with her that was directed by Sasha Grey. It's pretty epic!

 What companies were your favorite to shoot with?

I dont know about companies but my favorite person was Andrew Blake. I just love everyhting he is doing in the porn world and respect him so much. Now working for the bigger companies like Penthouse and Wicked was great mostly for the accommodations :)

If you could go back to porn to do one scene, what type of scene would it be and who would be in it?

I think it would be the anal scene I never got to do. I would love to comeback if only for that scene, shot by a good production company!

What do you feel is your best scene to date? Why? 

My best scene to date would have to be any of the ones I did for Andrew Blake. Those are my favorite! Fans tell me though that they loved my scene with Jenni Lee.

What was the last scene you shot?

The last scene I shot was solo scenes for I actually did my first anal action with a dildo. Totally my idea and they were like "go for it"! That was Spring 2012.

The thought of working with African American male talent bothers some female performers, what are your thoughts on it?

My thoughts are mixed. When I first got into the biz I was advised by my then agent to not do interracial scenes or anal. I get alot of shit from porn fans about not fucking black guys but its not a personal thing its strictly business. Bad business, but still business.

 What projects are you currently working on now that you're out of porn?

I currently am working in the webcam world. It's so hard! I would eventually like to be doing PR for either pornstars or for webcam models since I feel they are just as important to the industry as any big pornstar. I mean, they are more fan friendly and so appreciative of their fans. Plus they get to be their own bosses when it comes to videos they want to put out there for the public to purchase. And amatuer porn is so much hotter than professional, in my opinion.

You webcam correct?

I try. On a couple sites, MyFreecams and Streamate.

Now on to some sex questions... Do you masturbate? If so, do you use fingers or toys?

I do masturbate. I use my hitachi ALWAYS. Damn I love that thing!

Penis size: Big or Small? Length over Width? How do you like it?

I hate huge cocks! My tiny pussy cant take a 12 inch pounding! I prefer around 6 inches. Width is far more important then length. Most of the pussy sensations are around the opening of the pussy and I havent ever heard a girl praise a guy for bruising her cervix with his long dick. Ouch!

Favorite position?

Power. Just playin. My favorite position has always been BLOW JOB. I get flak for that but if you think about it I have to "position" myself right to give some good head, right? I have an oral fixation, bigtime!

Are you dominant or submissive during sex?

I am both. If I feel the guy or girl isnt taking control I can gadly dom the situation or if its a dom doing me I can submit, happily. :)

Do you like to be pounded fast and hard or sensual and slowly stroked?

I like to be pounded really hard. Like the guy is using my body to masturbate. It feels amazing!

Where do you like a cumshot?

I know the face shot is a crowd pleaser but me personally I prefer it inside my pussy or on my ass.

What do you feel is your strong suit when comes to sex?

Um, thats a tough one. I know I am good at fucking, I know I like fucking. So confidence in the bedroom is what I show......I hope!

What type of guy do you like in your personal life?

I like geeks.

Are you into women in your personal life?

Yes but I am not a lesbian or bisexual. I am attracted to girls once and a while. One will just catch my attention and then I am sprung!

Best way to approach you is to.....?

Smile and compliment me! Then I am putty in your hands!

A couple months ago alot pornstars personal information such as (Real name, Address, Phone Numbers, Family Member names. etc) was released on a site called PornWikiLeaks ... Which is now shut down. I'm not sure if your information was on there but, How do you feel about that happening?

Oh that was so awful. I fortunately wasnt on the list but I heard it was released like on Easter Sunday. How cruel.

How did you feel about the HIV breakout... For the second time within the last year?

I feel that contracting HIV is just a danger that comes with the occupation. Every job has its downsides. Now dont get me wrong I dont take it lightly and truly feel for those who have been infected. I remember when it was on CNN and my mom called me up and asked if I was one of the people to get it. That really hit home for me.

What do you feel is the biggest misconception for pornstars?

I think the biggest misconception is that we have low self esteem thats why we do what we do or that we are all fucking each other and are all single. That couldnt be farther from the truth. So many of the big pornstar ladies are married and mommies!

What do you like and dislike about the porn industry?

I dislike the lack of Courtney Page porn available to the public. I like so many things about the industry. Mostly the fans that come with the work! They are amazing! And so fucking loyal!

What do you feel was your biggest accomplishment in your porn career?

My biggest accomplishment was my reality show Casey's Camper that never really got the attention I felt it deserved. I filmed it all myself and starred in it!

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

In 5 years I see myself doing something great, just don't know exactly what that is yet.

How do you feel about the AVN awards? Did awards matter to you?

I have mixed feelings. I never got to attend the awards. I have had numerous films I was in win awards but I never got my own and that blows. I so want one!

Any advice to any females trying to get into porn?

My advice is to answer this question and remember there is only ONE correct answer: Why do you want to be in the adult industry? The correct answer does not include monetary reasons or for fame. Do porn because you love to fuck and look good doing it.

 I know you and Nella Jay are like BFF's how did you two meet?

Yes that is my girl right therrr. :) We were roommates in the model house for LA Direct Agency. We just instantly clicked.

I know your pro marijuana.. How do you feel about those who scold marijuana smokers?

I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion. So long as they don't force their opinion on those who prefer to toke up.

6 Fun Facts About you are.....?

1. I love to make people laugh. If you hang out with me I will be trying my hardest to keep you in stitches. I'm funny fucker.
2. I am an old soul, so I dont really get caught up in drama. And there is so much drama with these girls in the biz! Oh lordy!
3. I can spell any word on the spot. Spelling bee level swag!
4. I can do any accent perfectly. I should be doing voices for cartoons!
5. I am a multiple that fun? whatever.
6. I love doing pranks. Like knicker knocking( dig dong ditch for some) and prank phone calls.
I hope those sound fun...

Do you enjoy talking to your fans? Any crazy fan stories?

I LOVE MY FANS! PERIOD. I mostly converse with fans through my twitter, I reply to every single person who writes me. And just recently I have been connecting to my fans by playing those games on my iphone (Words with Friends, Scramble, etc.)

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Vicki Chase

Vicki Chase is a spicy Latina who entered the adult industry in 2009. She went from a bank teller to one the best pornstars in the adult industry today. Vicki has done over a hundred scenes for the biggest companies in adult film. Versatile is the word to describe her, she has done anal scenes, B/B/G, interracial and the list goes on. Vicki has been nominated for the XBIZ Awards and the AVN awards in short period of time. She is certainly enjoying herself and her career. Nothing says love like getting married at a porn expo!!... Which she and her husband Eric John did in 2010. Im grateful that i got the honor of interviewing this superstar. I got to cover so much with this interview so i hope you enjoy!

I have to start off by saying you are one of my favorite pornstars of all time! I remember the first scene I saw of you was on Bangbros BigMouthfuls and I've been hooked ever since. But I was a little upset to find out that you've been in porn since 2010. I had some catching up to do lol. I want to thank you in advance for your time.

You are very welcome, and thank you for the interview. By the way, I’ve been in the industry since November 2, 2009, so even earlier than you thought. 

Now I understand you were a bank teller prior to porn. Tell me the story of how you went from bank teller to pornstar?

I was working at the bank back in 2009. While working there I met my now-husband Eric John. He was a very interesting customer. Most of us at the bank knew what he did for a living. He was always very nice and fun. He would come in and wait to be helped by me to tell me voyeuristic stories of his scenes. Eventually he asked me out and eventually I said yes. I was like, “What the hell, why not? I’m curious!” And just as suspected we ended up doing it all night! We got down in a dark alley on top of some Mercedes before we made it to his studio home where we just continued. So we became friends and I would give him rides to set. Being there and seeing with my own eyes how professional and nice everyone was, and how open and turned on I was, just made me realize that I could do this…. So I did.  

How did your first scene go? What kind of scene was it?

I believe my first scene was for FuckedUpHandJobs. I had to teach this foreign woman how to give a “fucked up handjob” to Eric. I didn’t even know how to give a “fucked up handjob”! Let’s just say it was a very interesting mini first scene.  Later the same day I also did an appearance in my first feature, the Hustler parody of “90210” as a girl at the Peach Pit. So my first day in front of the camera was a pretty full day.

My first “official” scene was amazing, it was a scene for I had a lot of fun blowing Eric for the camera; nerve-wracking but fun! I love giving head. 

Do you need time to prepare for a scene or are you just ready to go?

Generally just ready to go. Unless it’s an anal scene where I have to not eat after a certain time the day before or a feature that requires me to memorize dialogue, I’m pretty set to go.

What are your friends and family's feelings toward you being in porn?

They don’t really like it but they love and support me.  They only want me to be safe and happy.

How did you come up with your porn name?

The way I see it had I not been working at the bank I would not be here writing this interview. It seemed fitting because Vicki is who I am and Chase is where I came from. (It was actually Washington Mutual still when I met Eric for the first time; luckily it had become Chase by the time I was named!)

Are you looking to make a career out of porn? If not what are your plans?

I believe porn is my current career. I am working regularly. Eric and I also keep busy running our own company, Erotique Entertainment Inc., and it’s live division ErotiqueTV, which broadcasts live sex from our Erotique Studios 7 days a week. It’s a more-than-full-time job that has allowed me to learn and fulfill many aspects of business skills that I will be incorporating into my future plans as I broaden my portfolio of projects.

What separates you from other pornstars?

I think just being me separates me. We all have our unique attributes, mine are that I am so full of passion and love for what I do. These are qualities that shine through.

How many scenes have you shot so far? 

Well over a hundred. I haven’t know the exact number for quite some time. I like to stay busy.

Do you have a favorite company you've worked with so far?

I greatly enjoy working for many companies.  One in particular is Digital Playground. They have the most beautiful and awesome contract stars. I love to play with them. They also produce amazing quality films, I feel privileged to have had the honor of being in quite a few of them in 2011 and 2012. Really though, so many companies are wonderful to work for: Penthouse, SSC/PornPros, Elegant Angel, Zero Tolerance, Voyeur Media, … I must say I haven’t really had a bad experience.

Favorite Scene(s) so far?

I really can’t say! There’s so many good ones. I did enjoy doing (and later, watching!) “A Big Mouthful For Vicki Chase” (BangBros).  

Who are some of your favorite male/female talent that you've worked with?

Some of my favorite are Johnny Castle, Marco Rivera, Nacho Vidal, Ramon Nomar, Mike Adrianno, Manuel Ferrara, Ann Marie Rios, Kristina Rose, all of the Digital Playground girls, and of course my Super Star Eric John.

What male and or female pornstar have you not worked with yet that you would like to? More than one?

I have not had the pleasure of working with Andy San Dimas or Franceska Jaimes yet. “Porn gods please make this happen.” 

Who are some of your favorite pornstars?

Some of my favorite porn stars are Kayden Kross, Belladonna, Franceska Jaimes, Nacho Vidal, and Eric John.

You seem to be a genuinely sweet person... How would you describe yourself as a person?

Thank you. I am a person full of love. I like to go by the ‘live and let live’ motto. Independent, fun, and adventurous. 

So many people say you're Asian and I thought the same until I did research. You're 100% Mexican correct?

Correct. I am an Asian-looking Mexican. 

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Boyle Heights (a neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA).

What are your measurements?

Breasts 34C- Waist 26- Hips 36

How tall are you?


How old are you? 

27. I was born 2-5-1985.

What is your favorite part of your body and why?

I have two! My two favorite parts of my body are my tits and ass. J They are both very soft, round, and nice. 

Whats your favorite position and why?

My favorite position is regular cowgirl. I love to ride and control my orgasm.

Did you ever watch porn before getting into porn?

Not really. My boyfriend at the time would throw it on. Instead of watching I was doing.

When did you loose your virginity? How was it?

I lost my virginity at 13. It was odd and a bit painful.

What do you feel is your greatest attribute during sex?

My greatest attribute is that I aim to please.

You give a hell of a blowjob, I know you don't have a gag reflex! How did you get so good at it?

Ha! I don’t have a gag reflex now! That took practice and practice makes perfect.

Any fetishes?

I like bondage and rough sex from time to time. I would say a lot more now than before. I’m intrigued by human pony sex! I’ve yet to do that.

What are some things make you wet?

Definitely a lot of foreplay. Especially kissing! I love kissing.

Another big one is the thrill of being caught fucking where I shouldn’t be.

Penis Size: Big or Small? Does it matter?

It really doesn’t matter; having passion and good fuck rhythm does.

Are you dominant or submissive in sex?

I think I am capable of being both dominant and submissive; though most times I prefer to be submissive.

Porn parodies are defiantly the popular genre in porn and you've starred in quite a few of them. What is it like shooting a parody film vs a regular b/g scene for a film? Do you enjoy all the acting?

Parodies are fun. Getting to be in costume and re-enacting the character is awesome. There is a lot more work involved but I don’t mind because I love acting. I feel more fulfilled as a performer when I get to do more. Growing up watching Spanish operas made acting something I always wanted to do. 

Original scripted features are as fun, if not more fun, than parodies since instead of just re-creating an existing character you are bring life to one that hasn’t been envisioned previously. That can be especially rewarding.

What’s on your no list? That is if you have a no list.

I did not used to have one but with experiences you learn things. Although I’m not one to not knock something or someone before I’ve tried at least once, the list is needed. Let’s just say the list evolves as necessary; mine is quite limited compared to a lot of female performers.

What type of scene haven't you done that you would like to do and what are your favorite types of scenes to shoot?

I’ve yet to do my first DP scene. This is one I am really excited about so it has to be perfect! I really enjoy intensely passionate scenes.

I know you've done interracial, the scene with L.T. in Latin Booty. Will there be more IR scenes from you?

Yes. I did my first anal and interracial scene with L.T for Elegant Angel’s Latin Booty. It’s kind of silly that its considered interracial given the fact that I am not white. I recently did two IR scenes for Penthouse. One with Mr. Marcus and another with a newcomer named Alex Jones.

Do you masturbate? Or would you just rather have sex?

I’d rather just have sex. I really enjoy the connection and energy you can only get with a partner. I used to masturbate with my fingers in my teens; now occasionally I let the magical Hitachi do the work – though usually this is after or as part of a sex scene.

Do you prefer anal sex over vaginal sex?

I prefer vaginal generally. Anal sex can be just as good only sometimes. 

Do you watch your own scenes and criticize yourself?

I watch the trailers to my scenes and yes I do.

What’s the difference between porn sex and personal sex?

Porn sex is intended for the viewer to be able to see the action for their pleasure; it’s a performance. Personal sex is focused on the expression of love between my partner Eric and me, and is not a performance intended for others to enjoy. Obviously, porn sex is for work and the relationship there, while certainly there is a connection of passion for a great scene to take place, is professional.

You got married at the AVN Expo in 2010 at the Hustler booth. That's no ordinary marriage! How did that come about?

That was not how I ever imagined my wedding would be! Eric has been in this industry for over 8 years and has a very special relationship with many companies and friends in the industry and press, so they really came together for us. Hustler (who held the ceremony at their booth) and the many great friends who attended the ceremony, really made it memorable. And we had some great press coverage, including mainstream coverage in Maxim and Life. I wanted a beautiful fresh bouquet of red roses to walk with, and Eric made sure I got them too! 

Jennifer Larson and Theresa Flynt deserve a mention for making it all happen, as well as AVN Hall of Fame Members Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder; they have known Eric since he was a “civilian” and were our Maid of Honor and Best Man.

Some pornstars feel it’s a challenge to be in a relationship. One of the main reasons being jealousy, but you're married so I want to if you feel like its a challenge balancing a relationship and porn? Even though your husband is a pornstar as well.

I do believe its a challenge, like any relationship it takes work. The fact that we both do porn works for us. Jealousy is just a state of mind that you need to constantly check at the door because it’s just so damn crippling.

Are you into women off screen?

I am into women period. The fact that I get to indulge in them from time to time is a blessing.

Can you explain the tattoos you have?

I have a total of four tattoos. The first one is a Chinese cherry flower. I let the tattoo artist just freelance that one. I only knew I wanted something sexy and pretty on my lower hip. My second is the Gumby on my ankle; it was that or my ex real name, I went for the awesome and classic one. The third is a small skull and bow on the back of my left ankle. I copied it from Rihanna (the singer); I thought it was super cute and I love her. The fourth is my best friends birth date in Roman numerals she has mine on the same spot. We got them together for our ten year anniversary as friends. She is the sister I never had.

When you're not shooting porn, what are you doing?

I am cooking, cleaning, shopping, working out, and being with family.

Something very important to Eric and I is having date night one day of the week, which we typically do on Friday evenings. This ensures that no matter how busy we are and how many different directions we are constantly being pulled in, that we have dedicated quality time that we do our best to let nothing interfere with. I suggest this for any serious couple, married or not.

I also love spending time in our beautiful house with our four wonderful “children”, the doggies. 

I see the pics you post on Twitter of your dinner. I must say, they look mighty tasty. Is cooking something you enjoy doing?

Yes I enjoy cooking. I am Mexican. I practically grew up in the kitchen. 

6 facts about Vicki Chase that we don't know are.......?

1) I have 4 dogs. 2) I am scared of the dark. 3) I’m a movie buff. 4) I used to play the violin. 5) I love music! All kinds of music. 6) I enjoy a glass or two of wine nightly. 

What do you love about the porn industry and what do you hate about the porn industry? 

I love that this industry exists. We expose human nature in very creative ways for the world to see. I hate that it gets misconstrued as wrong and evil. Also that we are all drugged out, stupid and tacky! So not true. Most of us are smart, healthy, happy, sexy fit, and have great style.

What have you learned from when you first started porn to now?

I’ve learned a lot. Porn is a legitimate business. I have also learned a lot about myself.

Any advice to the females out there trying to get into porn?

Be ready to face your biggest critic. Turns out it’s you. Enjoy and love yourself.

What are your feelings towards the new condom law in L.A?

I don’t think that it’s right. It’s my body and I don’t think condoms are the answer. Forcing us to wear them will only make things hard and unsafe because they just don’t work for the job. I believe things are safer in the light than in the dark, making us illegal just because of condoms will only backfire.

You've been nominated for many awards including XBIZ awards and AVN awards. In my opinion you're underrated and should have won every award, but tell me what being nominated and recognized for your work means to you?

Thank you. It makes me feel special to have my performances recognized with the honor of being nominated. 

Tell me about your company Erotique Entertainment Inc.

Our company Erotique Entertainment was founded by my husband Eric John in 2004. He is an MIT graduate and was a Boeing executive. With all his successes and accomplishments, he started the business with the intention of producing high-end sex stills and video that appeal to both women and men.

Currently, the fastest growing division is our live division, ErotiqueTV. We broadcast passionate boy/girl sex feature shows seven days a week, featuring many of the top stars plus the best new girls. It really is a chance to experience something together with the fans, and has opened up a whole new set of possibilities. 

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on collecting hot, sexy, beautiful content for my website. 

How do you feel about your fans?

I appreciate them! They have shown me so much love and support. I always look forward to meeting them. Without them I would not be able to do what I do best and call it my job!

Any last words?  

Thank you for having me!

For bookings, please contact my agents at LA Direct Models (the only agency I have ever been with) at the office or through

Follow me, Eric, and the company on twitter: @VickiChase, @Eric_John, @ErotiqueTV, @ErotiqueStudios, @ErotiqueEnt

Our live broadcasts can be found every day on

Stay tuned for VickiChaseXXX and to be updated with a lot more, and several other sites too.


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Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova is only 20 years young and making a splash into the world of porn. She has shot scenes for big companies like Brazzers and Naughty America. She has beautiful eyes and a slamming body. Read her interview with me below, and get to know this new starlet. 

I believe you're fairly new, when did you get into porn?

September 2011

How and why did you get into porn?

I started by doing scenes for and I have been in the adult business for 2 years now and porn was always in the back of my mind so I just went for it.

What agency are you with? 

LA Direct Models

Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, Who did you
shoot for? What went through your mind? Did you do anything

I went to shoot for Burning Angel/ Joanna Angel, I really didnt know what to expect.. but it was fun! I tried my first time doing anal sex too and it was on camera.

How does your family and friends feel about you being in porn?

There are some positive and negative opinions about what I do, I dont personally care though what people think.

How did you come up with your porn name?

I have been going by the name Gabriella for a long time

What makes you different from other pornstars?

I dont really like to compare but I am pretty laid back, always honest and caring

Are you looking to make a career out of porn? If not, what are your plans?

Depends but I mainly am trying to aim to get my PhD

How would you describe yourself as a person?

funny, bubbly, caring, assertive

How many scenes have you shot so far? And for what companies?

I cant recall the number, but I have shot for companies like Reality Kings, Brazzers, Burning Angel, Mofos, Team Skeet..etc

Do you have a favorite company you've worked with so far?

I loved every company Ive worked with thus far

Favorite Scene so far?

I loved the scene I did with Heather Joy, Holly Randall shot it, the scene has yet to come out though

                                                                                    Worst scene so far?

Oh god...The limo scene I did on brazzers......such a hot mess.. it was a cramped up situation and I couldnt put on my full potential because of the scenes location

Favorite male talent and or female talent you've worked with?

Male- James Deen and Michael Vegas
Female- Mainly all of the girls I have worked with :)

Any pornstar(s) male or female that you would like to work with in the future?

Andy San Dimas!!!!!!!

Any type of scene you would like to do in the future?

double anal, maybe..

What WONT you do in porn? (Ex. Anal,DP,Interracial etc) and Why?

Im open to anything as long as I am comfortable

I cant seem to figure it out, whats your ethnic background?

Armenian and Arabic (Aramaen)

Where are you from?


How old are you? 

20.. going to be 21 in June though!

What are your measurements?


How tall are you?

4'11'' 3/4

I love your beautiful eyes, but what is your favorite
part of your body?

my ass for sure

Favorite Position?

doggy or cowgirl

Did you ever watch porn before getting into porn?


When did you loose your virginity? How was it?

18, I lost it to a 30 year old.... Im such a slut but at least I lost it at a legal age.

What do you feel is your greatest attribute when it comes to sex?

sucking mad cock

Do you like sex slow and sensual or fast and hard?

all kinds, depends on the mood Im in

Penis Size: Big or Small? Does it matter?

average, too big hits my cervix and it honestly doesnt feel good.

Are you dominant or submissive?


Where do you like a cumshot?

in my mouth

Would you ever consider getting breast implants or any enhancements?
Although i dont think you need any.

Yes, breat augumentation... but not till Im at least 24 or 25

 Do you masturbate? If so do you use toys?

ALLLLLLL THE TIME! yes I do use toys

Do you watch your own scenes?

sometimes, only to see what I should improve on

 Are you into women off screen ?

 yes, I am actually bisexual, I dont lie about it like most females.

What are some of the things you do when you're not shooting?

I like to chill at my spot, workout, take care of my baby kitten and head out to Hollywood sometimes

5 Fun Facts About Gabriella Paltrova are.......?

-Im random...literally
-Huge fantasy nerd
-enjoy lots of intelligent conversations
-love going on fun adventures
-all time animal lover

So far what do you like about the porn industry? What do you dislike
about the porn industry?

I love it so far, sometimes though it can get slow and I hate being bored :(

Are you planning on going to any of the upcoming porn conventions?

possibly, Im a big hermit though

Are you planning to do any webcamming?

Ive been doing webcamming !

Do you enjoy talking to your fans?

of course!

Any last words?

time to smoke 420

--- Follow Gabriella Paltrova on Twitter @GabiPaltrova

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jordana Heat

Jordana Heat is new to the adult industry. She only has a handful of scenes under her belt but she is aiming to be a household name. Mark her words "Keep on your toes, because hopefully I'll be right next to Jenna Jamenson when It comes to the Porn World." 

Only standing 5'5 but she has a big personality. Read below  as she talks about sex,high school,AVN awards and more.

How and why did you get into porn?

I actually wanted to do porn since I was in the 7th grade, I love sex and I'm good at it so I figured why not get paid to do it and get famous for it.

Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, Who did you
shoot for? Were you nervous?

 My 1st shoot was for and it was called Party of 3 with Eva Angelina and Mercedes Lynn. I wasn't nervous till I realized who these girls were, they were pros at this and It was my first time so I didn't want to look like a fool. But the girls were so kind and sweet that when we all got started it was a piece of cake for me.

 How does your family and friends feel about you being in porn?

 My family doesn't know I do porn but its only a matter of time that they do so I'm hoping one day during dinner I can actually tell my mom with out anything happening. My true friends support me 100% and are happy for me.

Any old guy friends from highschool try to hit on you now that your a pornstar?

 Oh my god! My scene came out and it spread like wild fire threw out the Town I went to school in. Girls were calling me a Slut and all kinds of names and guys who picked on me in high school for being so skinny actually hit me up on facebook asking if I would ever fuck them. At the end of the day I just laughed because I know Karma is a bitch and I love what I do no matter what.

 How did you come up with your porn name?

I came up with my name real easy. One of my favorite actresses is Jordana Brewster so one night I'm watching Fast and the Furious and it just came to me that my first name should be Jordana, its hot and not many girls have it. My last name Heat came from my Favorite basketball team, Miami Heat.

I watched your Facial Fest scene and you said you wanted to become a star. So you defiantly want to make porn a career?

 Yes, I would never jump into something just to say I did it. If i'm going to do porn I'm going to be the best porn star I can be while I can.

 How many scenes have you shot so far? And for what companies?

I've done 6 shoots for Bangbros, 2 for Realitykings , 2 for Mofos and 1 for Jim Gunns

 Do you have a favorite company you've worked with so far?

 So far I love all the companies I worked for.

 Favorite Scene so far?

My favorite scene I've done was called College We did pranks on each other and everyone on set was amazing!

 Worst scene so far?

My least fav was the facial scene which was release first. I didn't get along with my Co-star.

 Favorite male talent or female talent you've worked with?

 I loved all except for 1.

Any pornstar male or female that you want to work with in the future?

I would Love to do a scene with Jesse Jane and Sasha Grey.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

 I'm very hyper and energetic, easy to get along with and very simple. I'm not a Diva nor do I plan to be one.

How were you in highschool?

I was always suspended for fighting, skipping school and just doing dumb shit. I wasn't a bad student at all though, just made some really bad choices.

What is your ethnic background?

I'm 100% Puerto Rican

I understand your from New Jersey.... Do you like living there?

My heart is Miami, Florida, but my mom and sister live here so I have to deal with it. I don't like living in NJ because a lot of assholes live here but you do have your kind people and very funny people like my true friends.

How old are you?

 I'm 21 right now but I'm turning 22 in 1week.

 What are your measurements?

I just know I'm a 34C

How tall are you?

 I'm 5'5

What is your Favorite part of your body?

 I love my boobs and my legs

You have a nice petite body but would you ever consider getting breast implant or any enhancements?

 If I really need to get breast implants to get more jobs when I'm older, maybe but for right now no. I love that I'm all natural and don't have to worry about anything popping.

 Favorite Position?

 I love spooning and doggy style.

Did you watch porn before getting into porn?

 Yes! Everyday.

When did you loose your virginity? How was it?

 I lost my virginity when I was 17 in a hallway in the movie theater. It was amazing. We both lost our virginity at the same time.

Do you like sex slow and sensual or fast and hard?

 It honestly depends on the guy or girl I'm having sex with.

Penis Size: Big or Small? Does it matter?

 I prefer normal only because I am very tight and small so when I have to deal with a guy whose 10inch I get a little scared but once we get the hang of it and my pussy is used to it then were good.

Where do you like a cumshot?

 I prefer my boobs, only because on my face it always gets in my eyes and that shit burns like a motherfucker.

What WONT you do in porn? (Ex. Anal,DP,Interracial) and Why?

 I wont do anal. It hurts when I poop so to make something go in there would kill me.

Any specific type of scene you would like do but haven't?

 I would love to have sex on a corvette or porshe with a hot girl or guy.

 Do you masturbate? Or would you just rather have sex?

 I masturbate every morning when I wake up. But sex is always a plus

 Do you watch your own scenes?

 I rather just watch the Trailer only because if I watch the whole thing I will be so critical of myself it would never end.

 What do you like in a man?

 I love how strong they can get but be very gentle at the same time.

 Are you into women?

 Yes, I had more relationships with women than a man.

5 Fun Facts About Jordana Heat are.......? 

1) I can blow air out my eye due to a hole in my tear duct. 2) When I'm nervous, I listen to house music to get rid of my nerves. 3) Chinese food is my favorite Food. 4) I love scary Movies 5) I'm obsessed with Glitter.

So far what do you like about the porn industry? What do you dislike
about the porn industry?

 I love how people are very understanding to different peoples needs but I hate that I have to do reverse cowgirl in every scene because that's what people like.

How do you feel about the AVN awards? Are awards important to you?

 I feel the AVN is something people need to be aware of as a real ceremony, not alot of people have the balls to do what we do in front of a camera. I would Love to get an award but I gotta feel like I deserved the award in order for it to be special to me.

How do you feel about your fans?

 I love my fans and they are the ones who keep me busy and paid. With out them I would be a nobody in the porn world.

 Any last words? (Booking Info, Twitter, Website, etc.)

 Keep on your toes, because hopefully I'll be right next to Jenna Jamenson when It comes to the Porn World.

Follow Jordana on Twitter @JordanaHeatXXX

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mirko Steel

Mirko Steel is a male pornstar that has been in the industry since 2009. You may recognize him from websites such as Bangbros and Mofos. He's defiantly a horny guy, he lost his virginity at age 14 at a whore house! He loves his job and plans to continue doing it. Read below as Mirko talks about his favorite stars to work with, the pros and cons of the industry and much more. 

PRV: When and how did you get into the porn industry?

MS: I briefly entered the industry in 2009. I was living in Colorado (changing oil at Jiffy Lube) and the site College Fuckfest used me and I girl I knew for one of their scenes.  The director liked how I worked so I did a few more scenes for him, including a threesome scene with Tessa Taylor (when she first started in Denver) and another local stripper who was very hot.  After this I moved abroad for some time and went back to a regular lifestyle.  When I came back to the US in 2011 I started doing scenes for Bangbros, so here I am again!

PRV: Are you a contract pornstar for Bangbros?

MS: Nope.

PRV: Do your friends and family support you being a pornstar?

MS: Yeah. In fact, my friends love to receive weekly updates of new girls I fuck.

PRV: How would you describe yourself?

MS: I’m obviously a very horny guy.  I am also very open-minded.  I don’t think people have the right to tell other people what to do with their own lives.  This is why I don’t tolerate people who don’t approve my job.  I love sports and exercise.  I was in my school’s rugby, track and gymnastics teams.  I also played hockey for many years.  Now I picked up boxing which is very fun.  I have a huge interest in travel.  I’ve had the chance to live and work in many countries and I enjoyed all of them.

PRV: How did your very first porn scene go? Were you nervous?

MS: I was a bit nervous but not bad.  Back then I wasn’t doing porn as a job so I figured that if the scene didn’t go well it would just be something my friends and I could laugh about.  I think the fact that I didn’t take it that seriously helped me be less nervous.

PRV: So many guys think it’s easy to be a pornstar on a set with lights, cameras, and people... I want to know how you prepare for a scene and keep stamina.

MS: It’s definitely not easy.  Fucking in private with a lot of foreplay, kissing and touching is not the same as getting hard on set.  In porn, the scene has to happen whether or not you and the girl have chemistry.  I try to stay with high testosterone all the time by lifting weights and eating well.  Herbs like tribulus and horny goat weed help your stamina.    

PRV: What are your favorite type of scenes to do and why?

MS: I can’t get tired of threesomes.  Call me old-fashioned, but having two girls service my dick is still my favorite fantasy.  I also really like Ass Parade from Bangbros.  I like girls with big asses, and they’re fun to shoot because they’re usually very rowdy scenes with crazy girls.

PRV: One website that Bangbros fans enjoy is Bangbus. The combination of Preston's funny personality with the pick-up and drop off of women makes it entertaining. What’s it like shooting on the infamous BangBus?

MS: It’s definitely a crazy experience.  I think I’ve been watching the Bangbus since my freshman year of college.  So I was pretty shocked when they told me I had to do my first Bangbus scene.  The first thing I did after the scene was sign my name on the ceiling of the bus.  It was also the first time I had sex on a van.  It’s definitely not easy with the constant movement.   It’s fun to see people’s reactions.  Working on the Bangbus makes you love Miami.

PRV: What do you enjoy sexually?

MS: I could talk all day about this.  It depends on my mood.  In general, I just like girls who are very sexual and want to try new things.  I love to eat pussy, it’s one of my favorite things to do.  I like it when girls like to suck dick and know what they’re doing.  If they don’t know what they’re doing, they should be curious to learn how to deep-throat.  It’s a skill every woman should know.  I think sex has to be intense.

PRV: Any favorite female porn star that you've worked with? More than one?

MS: That’s a tough one.  Two porn stars that I really enjoyed working with were Puma Swede and Rachel Starr.  Puma Swede is one of those people who immediately become the center of attention in a room.  She’s has a very good, sarcastic sense of humor.  She fucks amazingly well, very fast and rough.  Rachel Starr is also very fun to work with.  She takes her job very seriously. I’m an ass guy so I can’t leave out Alexis Texas and Abella Anderson.  They were both fun to work with too.    

PRV: Any porn stars you would like to work with in the future?

MS: Aletta Ocean.  Two of my friends had sex with her and had very good things to say about her.

PRV: Do you watch your scenes and criticize yourself?

MS: Yeah, I try to watch my own scenes.  I’m very shy naturally, so I am always trying to improve the personality I convey through my videos.  I think I’ve improved a lot in only one year, but I still have a lot to improve.

PRV: For all the ladies out there: What is your Height,Weight,Penis Size?

MS: I am 5’9’’, 185 lbs., and my dick is 7.5’’.

PRV: What’s your ethnicity?

MS: I’ve got a big mix: German, Italian, English, Dutch and Welsh.

PRV: I hear an accent when you speak and I’m curious to know where you’re from?

MS: I’m actually American but I grew up abroad.  I’ve spent almost 20 years living all over South America, Spain and Russia.

PRV: When did you lose your virginity? Describe that experience

MS: I lost it when I was 14 at a whore house. I’ve been a horny bastard since I was very young and I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I remember being nervous.  I loved the feeling of her pussy on my dick.  She was very beautiful too.  She was studying in college to become a Dental Surgeon. I thought I’d calm down once I had sex for the first time, but it just made it worse and made me want to have more sex with more women.

PRV: What do you do on your off time?

MS: Mostly lift weights and boxing.  I almost don’t party anymore and I’m trying to take advantage of Miami’s daytime activities.  I like to go to the beach, the ocean here is beautiful.  Whenever I get a chance to travel to a new place I do it.  

PRV: How long do you plan on being in porn? Do you want this to be a career
or do you have other plans?

MS: I’m not sure.  I love my job and I plan to continue doing it.  But I might want to eventually explore other parts of the porn business.  I’ve never had a fixed plan for my future, which might explain the random path of my life.

PRV: What are your likes/dislikes about the porn industry? and Do you think
condom use is unnecessary?

MS: I like how open-minded people are.  I like it when I work with fun girls and cool directors because it makes the scenes go quick.  I like how crazy it can get sometimes with lots of hot girls doing crazy things with your dick. I don’t like some lazy, irresponsible people who don’t take their job seriously.  I absolutely hate it when people constantly show up late or hung-over to a shoot.  I find it disgusting. I don’t think condom use is unnecessary.  I am in favor of using condoms for certain scenes.  Does it make my work harder?  Yes it does.  But I’m not here to just have sex and feel good.  It’s about making a good video and making money.  I don’t trust some people in this industry.  Fortunately, Bangbros is an example of safety and they really worry about our health.  They always enforce testing and no one goes on set without being tested.  The porn industry is still one of the safest places to have sex.

PRV: Do you feel that male pornstars have it easier than female pornstars overall?

MS: I think women have it easier because they make more money for the same job.

PRV: If you don’t mind me asking, are you currently in a relationship? Do you feel it’s a challenge to balance a relationship being a pornstar?

MS: I’m not in a relationship.  I think it would be very hard to be in a relationship right now.  I have some friends who have done it and I admire them because they probably have superhuman time-management skills and a superhuman sex drive.

PRV: Any advice to the guys that want to get into the porn industry?

MS: Be careful with agents.  I’m not saying that all agents are bad, some of them are very professional.  But there are many scum bags in this industry.  They go around acting like they’re all sharp like Jerry McGuire, when they don’t know what they’re doing.  Research the agents and their achievements before you get involved. My other advice, if you become a performer, don’t get cocky.  I’ve seen way too many guys get carried away with their own ego, with drugs, and parties and then no one wants to use them.

PRV: How can your fans contact you?

MS: Twitter (@XXXMirko) or Facebook (Mirko Steel).