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Liv Aguilera

Liv Aguilera is 20 years young and looking to make a name for herself in the adult industry. Standing only 4'10'' Liv is petite and sweet. Shes done over 30 scenes with companies Bangbros, Mofos, Zero Tolerance and more. Never shy to show her sexual side and loves rough sex. I'm happy i got the opportunity to interview this rising star. Read her interview below and get to know this spicy Latina.

To my understanding your new to the porn industry,
So tell the story of how you got into porn and why? What were you doing prior?

Liv Aguilera: I got into porn through an old friend of mine of 10 years. Unfortunately we are no longer friends, but that is how life goes sometimes. I found out that she was in the industry, went to one of her BJ scenes, and decided I wanted someone to cum all over my face too!

Walk me through the day you shot your first porn scene, Who did you
shoot for? What went through your mind? Did you do anything

LA: To add to the first question, I was just a student going to college with no direction in life. I was unsure of what I truly wanted to do, and was too scared to explore ALL options that were out there.
For my very first scene, it was September 3rd of 2011, and it was the day before my 20th birthday. I was doing a BJ scene for a man named Richard Moulton for his Jesse Loads Monster Facials site. Because my birthday was the following day, they made the scene completely birthday themed and I loved it!
What made things embarrassing was the fact that I had been on my period. My friend told me about make-up sponges and how many girls used them. I tried one, that was too small, and during photos I got blood on the carpet! Luckily it wasnt their first rodeo with a girl on her period, but I still felt humiliated. It was definitely a day to remember!

How do you prepare for a scene?

LA: I prepare for a scene by showering of course and making sure all my lady parts is looking its best. But mentally there is almost no need for preparing. I have always been a sexual fiend, and when the opportunity for sex arises, Im pretty ecstatic!

How does your family and friends feel about you being in porn?

LA: My family is not very happy with my career choice. I was not even the one to tell them the truth. One day while sitting at home here in the valley, I get a message from my sister totally distraught telling me she saw me in a video. She was so angry and wanted a response from me. All I could say back was, "Was it hott?" Sometimes I have no shame. I thought my response was hilarious. My older sister didnt share in my humor so much.

How did you come up with your porn name?

LA: My porn name is actually a derivative of my middle and last name. I would tell you, but I would rather not have people stalking me! Anyway, I decided on Liv because my family even calls me Liv. If I had chosen a completely different name, I would never respond or even know if someone was talking to me.

How would you describe yourself?

LA: I would probably describe myself as very sexually eccentric and different. I dont see myself fitting the criteria of a typical pornstar (whatever that may be). When Im on set, Im exactly the same as when Im off set. That also means (to male talent), if I say I want your cock in my mouth, I really mean it! So lets exchange numbers and make it happen!

Are you looking to be in porn for a long time ?

LA: I honestly dont know how long I plan to be in the industry. I want to say Ill be around for a long time, but things may change. I cant predict the future, but I CAN say that if I can be here for as long as I can, I will be.

How many scenes have you shot so far? And for what companies?

LA: I am, at the moment, probably in the 30+ scenes range. Im still fairly new, but I promise Ill be doing plenty more scenes before you guys know it!

Do you have a favorite company you've worked with so far?

LA: Ive shot for many different companies including Brazzers, BangBros, Reality Kings, Zero Tolerance, Naughty America, and Vivid ent.! I cant exactly say who I had the most fun with. Each of these companies gave me an experience to remember, and Im not just talking about the sex. I also mean the people I meet on set and the positive environment they provide to help me be comfortable and have a good time!

Favorite Scene so far?

LA: That is a very, very tricky question. Having to choose my favorite scene is like making me choose a best friend or something. For some its easy, but not for me. What I CAN tell you is that I got many great reviews for the "Rampage That Latina" scenes I did for BangBros. I kept hearing about that scene when it was released for a solid 2 weeks or so! It was definitely one of my better scenes Ill admit, and it was great to work with Xander Corvus for the second time!

I watched your Gym Rats Orgy scene... I have to say its a great scene!
How was that scene for you? Was it your first orgy?

 LA: When working on the set for Gym Rats Orgy, it was nothing but fun! All of us girls got to portray different hilarious, yet realistic personalities in a fighting class that only meant pure fun! Everyone was so nice and the scene went smoothly. The girls were sexy as fuck, and the men were hot, so it was awesome!
It was my second ever orgy. My first one I was only extra talent, meaning I wasnt getting as much action as the other girls, but for Gym Rats Orgy I was a little nervous. Only because I had no clue what to expect. In the end I had a great time, and I hope for more orgies in my future!

 Favorite male talent or female talent you've worked with?

LA: I would definitely have to say Niko. After our shoot, we hit off and now to this day we are very good friends.

Any male/female you would like to work with in the future?

LA: There is no one in specific so far, but as long as I'm introduced to some amazing people then it doesn't matter who I work with in the future.

Whats your ethnic background?

LA: I am mainly Hispanic, but I am mixed with Native American, Mexican, Greek, German, Filipino and English! I am 100% mixed!

Do you speak fluent Spanish?

LA: Actually no. I didn't grow up in a Spanish home or lifestyle, so the only language I really know is English.

Where are you from?

LA: I am from Los Angeles, CA! Born in Redondo Beach, spent my childhood in Oregon, and moved back to California when I was 10 years old. I definitely love it here, and there is nowhere else I would rather be.

What are your measurements?

LA: 32-26-36

Favorite part of your body?

 LA: My eyes! I feel that they are what help bring out my true personality on film.

Everyone knows you're petite but How tall are you?


    LA: I stand at 4'10"! I am a petite little girl indeed!

So many porn watchers love the "petite teen" look, but you ever think
about getting your body enhanced in any way?

LA: I love my body just the way it is, and there is nothing I would ever want to change about myself. Except maybe my hair. I'm always changing my hairstyle.

Have you ever been told that you look like the pornstar Jenaveve Jolie?

LA: I get that at every shoot I have ever gone too. I hope to meet her one day and get her opinion.

Favorite Position?

LA: Doggy style, hands down, and my hair pulled! ;)

Ever watch porn before getting into porn? Do you still watch porn
(scenes you star in)?

LA: I use to watch porn, but after I joined the industry I stopped. I will watch my own scenes out of curiosity, but if I want to get off then I'll just call up a sweet cock to satisfy me.

When did you loose your virginity? How was it?

LA: I was 17 years old. It was completely planned and organized. My boyfriend at the time made sure he did not hurt me, and it was pretty good. The sex didn't last very long, but it was good for what it was.

What do you feel is your strong suit when it comes to sex?

LA: I am a HUGE Giver. Meaning I get off on the other person getting off. When I can make a person cum, I get so horny!

When it comes to sex, what turns you on? & What turns you off?

LA: I love it rough. Pull my hair, smack me a bit, pound my pussy and make me scream! But if you aren't willing to be a little rough with me, and you're too tender or too slow, I almost feel there is no need to even continue the sex. I can be a bit picky in the bedroom, but I feel like if you want the best, ask for it. Don't settle.

Penis Size: Big or Small? Does it matter?

LA: Big is always nice, but I prefer average sized penises. if a guy knows what he's doing, I can cum so hard!

Craziest place you've had sex was...?

LA: A public park. It was night time though, so there weren't any people, nor much of a risk.

Are you dominant or submissive in sex?

LA: I am a total sub. I love it when a man becomes a beast in the bedroom!

Where do you like a cumshot?

LA: Anywhere. I am a genuine cum slut.

What WONT you do in porn? (Ex. Anal,DP,Interracial) and Why?

LA: No anal, gangbangs, BBG's, and the sort. I like to stay a little simple, but doesn't mean I don't mind having a little fun too.

Do you masturbate? If so do you use toys?

LA: I masturbate from time to time. I have an amazing purple magic wand and it is all I need! I don't need some huge crazy contraption to make me cum.

What do you like in a man?

LA: I am not very picky. As long as they can look and dress decently, and they have things going on for them, then they are perfect.

Are you into women? If so what do you like about them?

LA: I LOVE women! But I like women, women. Not the butch lesbians or anything like that. I like men for men, and women for women. I don't want someone who is trying to be something else.

What are your hobbies?

LA: I am an avid reader and writer. it's nice to just sit and relax with a book in my hands, whether it's my own I wrote or one I just happen to take interest in.

Do you often get recognized when you go out?

LA: Not too often. My style is completely different than the things I have to wear on set.

5 Fun Facts About Liv are.......?

LA: 1. I use to be a back-up dancer in high school.
2. I have written (but not published) 5 novels.
3. I am a total rocker! I prefer rock and metal over hip-hop any day!
4. My favorite color is red, but purple is a very close second.
5. I am a total gamer! Game of choice: Halo Reach!

Are you into webcamming?

LA: I have a streammate account, but I am not very big on camming. Never really was my thing

So far what do you like about the porn industry? What do you dislike
about the porn industry?

LA: I enjoy meeting the different people and seeing their different personalities. Everyone just emanates positive energy, and they are the sort of people that I would rather surround myself with. What I don't like is the stress that comes with the job of trying to be perfect. I'm not perfect, but I don't mind letting others think I am.

How do you feel about the AVN awards? Do awards matter to you?

LA: It is a very entertaining event, but sometimes the true talent doesn't receive the praise they deserve. I have met plenty of beautiful, talented men and women who have never received an award. So, awards really don't matter too much to me.

Do you enjoy talking to your fans?

LA: I love talking to my fans. I love hearing what they thing about my work because it is quite flattering. If I don't talk to my fans, I'm obviously doing my job wrong.

 Any last words? 

LA: Find me on Twitter at @LivAguileraxxx
And I will be creating my own Facebook fan age very soon!
With love and affection, <3
Liv Aguilera ;)


--- Liv Aguilera's Official Facebook is HERE