Monday, May 2, 2011

Nella Jay


I recently caught up with the beautiful Nella Jay. 
You may have seen Nella Jay on many internet sites such as Bangbros, Realitykings, NaughtyAmerica etc.
She soon took the attention of many porn companies and did several DVD's. She is currently working on her music while waiting for her contract with L.A Direct to end in July. In July she will start shooting scenes again.

PRV: What were you doing before porn?

NJ: before i was a pornstar i was a stripper

PRV: How did you get into the industry and why?

NJ: Well the economy got all fucked up and guys stopped coming to the stripclub. The only other thing i was good at was modeling but I weighed too much so my choice was porn or a 9 to 5 n that was not going to happen

PRV: How did you come up with the name Nella Jay?

 NJ: I have always had the name nella since i was younger dont really remember the reason for it but the jay came because i was told i needed a last name for this buisness jay rhymed plus i was watching 106npark  and they kept sayin terrence j so i said hey  n took it from him

PRV: You've been missing from porn. Fans miss you, and so have I lol ........ Why the disappearance ?

NJ: L.A Direct sucks asss and wont book  me because Derrek couldnt have control over me and for anyone who knows him they know he cant handle that  so therefore im stuck in contract with them till july . so im just taking this time to work on my music.

PRV: Whats your ethnic background?

NJ: im sicilain

PRV: What are your measurements?

NJ: 34 C and i dont know hips or waist. I dont weight 135 anymore im down to 105 and even my hair has been changed!  I used to be brunette now im back to blonde.

PRV: Do you workout?

NJ: i guess kind of i take my dog Shyguy to the canyon almost everyday. But as far as going to a gym that would never happen .

PRV: What part of your body do you love the most and which bodypart gets the most attention? ( I personally love your bubble butt)

 NJ: tits an ass

PRV: Favorite Scene?

NJ: Hustler shoot for the cover with digital desire

PRV: Favorite Company to work with?

 NJ: i love working with them all

PRV: Worst company to work with?

NJ: pusyjackers he owes me money!!!

PRV: Favorite male talent to work with? (Personally I think you work the best with Jmac from Realitykings )

NJ: dont have one theres so many not to choose from..

PRV: Are you into girls?

NJ: of course i am i love bitches but i do perfer a nice cock

PRV: How do family and friends feel about you doing porn?

NJ: what can they do about it  they dont have a choice but not to care because personally i Dont care but one of my brothers supports me all they way n thats why were close

PRV: Whats your favorite position?

NJ: im gonna have to go with rough doggy

PRV: Whats a normal non-porn related day for you?

NJ: Im Not a person that likes to go out alot im from newyork i like to chill and relax .....and most important stay focused on my music

PRV: Any pets?

NJ: Yes i rescued my pitbull Shyguy from the pound

PRV: When did you lose your virginity?

NJ: Thirteen

PRV: Whats the craziest place you had sex?

NJ: thats hard ive done it in a gas station bathroom the woods in Pasha (night club in manhatten) on the speakers.....

PRV: Does porn hurt your date life?

NJ: no not for me at the stage im in right now with my life im not looking for anyone so i dont have to worry about the drama

PRV: Whats your ideal penis size?

NJ: im not crazy about size its all about  if they know how to use it  or not ive had it all but it comes down to the fucking

PRV: Will you ever do anal?

 NJ: ehhh not a fan.... it hurts... so its not my thing but ill gladley throw on a strap on and put in some work girl or guy alll cool with me .

PRV: If a guy saw you in the street how would you want him to approach you, or would you want him to approach?

NJ: realistically i would never meet somone in the street BUT,  if i see them at a club or a bar and hes taking to long to make the first move and im horrny im making the first move for sure i am the farthest thing from shy

PRV: Do you drink or smoke?

NJ: "no comment"

PRV: Is there anything you wont do in porn?

NJ: no anal too much pain not enough money

PRV: Do you have a website your working on?

NJ: No i dont but i have my youtube channel for my music which is   twitter is @nellajay_xxx   facebook: nella jay

PRV: Do you want to win an AVN award someday or is that not important to you?

NJ: no i dont care for it that much

PRV: Do you have any advice for any girl trying to get into porn?

NJ: Yes!!  for the young girls if you think no one is going to find out about you  doing porn  even if its only one shoot and thats it  ....Dont hide it because people willl find out. they always find out .

PRV: Sex on screen or off screen?

NJ: Both

PRV: Do you masturbate?

NJ: No i would rather have dick

PRV: Do you have any fetishes?

NJ: ummmmm Not at this time of my life but i know i will develope some

PRV: Is there anything you wanted to do sexually that you have not yet done?

NJ: Oh no being a pornstar your doing it all

PRV: I noticed you dont really moan in your scenes, do you moan in your personal life ?

NJ: No i dont im a loud talker but not moaner i like to enjoy sex so wen you here me being loud then you have to worry i dont like it .

PRV: What do you want to get out of this whole porn experience?

NJ: Good Sex

PRV: How do you feel about the recent outbreak in porn a couple months ago?

NJ: pornstars need to think about there actions outside of work instead of not giving a fuck an risking peoples lives

PRV: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

NJ: Famous For my music

PRV: Whats the craziest thing a fan has said or done to you?

NJ: well right b4 this interview i had one send me a picture of his asshole spread out begging me to come fuck him with my strapon

PRV: Any last words for me or fans?

NJ: Watch and listen for nellajay's music its coming soon  Twitter is @MissNellaJay  Facebook: Nella Jay youtube account

Also look out in stores im on the cover of  Hustler Magazine june2011  available now.!!!!!!!