Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jasmine Blaze

Jasmine Blaze is a sexy latina new to the porn industry, at  the tender age of 20. You may recognize her from websites like Bangbros and Realitykings. Also she has done DVD's and even graced a cover. With only a few scenes she has made her mark and now has her own website. She enjoys what she does and is here to stay. Check out my interview with her.

PRV: How did you get into the industry?

JB: it just fell into my lap. I was asked to be an extra for a movie. then the owner of the company pulled me to the side said he thought I had potential would I be interested and i was like sure what the hell

PRV: How were you feeling when you arrived on set for your first scene? Did you do anything embarrassing? What company was it for?

JB: I was actual very calm. everything went by as planned. I was told I was a natural. the company was bang bros. 


PRV: Do you get support from family and friends?

JB: it's been a roller coaster with my family and friends finding out. I've actually lost a lot of friends. but a few of my friends do support me. with my family no one much agrees with that but still love me and support me. except for my mom we quit talking once she found out.

PRV: What are the positives about being in the industry?

JB: being in the industry actually as helped me a lot gain self esteem. and to get my life in order.

PRV: What is your ethnic background?

JB: I am Cuban.

PRV: How does it feel being the new girl in porn?

JB: like being the new girl in high school

PRV: Whats your favorite company to shoot for?

JB: I don't have a favorite 

PRV: Worst experience on set was when......?

JB: when I did Latina abuse I dont like to go into much detail

PRV: Favorite male talent to shoot with? (Personally, i would say Jmac From RealityKings. You two Have Chemistry On Camera)

JB: I must say I do love working with him lol ;) but another person that I just can say great male talent is prince he just all around great

PRV: Are you faking for the camera or do you really enjoy it?

JB: most of my scenes I can actually say I have enjoyed

PRV: Do you watch your own scenes?

JB: I'll watch clips I hate watching myself

PRV: What wont you do in porn?

JB: as of right now anal.

PRV: Whats the difference between porn sex and personal sex?

JB: intimacy. in my personal life I won't even like having threesomes I think it is truly a bond between two people.

PRV: Favorite Position?

JB:  missionary

PRV: What are your measurements and what is the best part of your body? ( I love your pretty face )

JB: 36 28 38. I love my eyes and ass.

PRV: Penis Size big or small?

JB: regular. about 7 in.

PRV: What do you see yourself doing in 3 years?

JB: hopefully. well known in the industry. at the top of my game.

PRV: Favorite scene you've done?

JB: my first scene with jmac

PRV: When your not shooting porn, what do you do?

JB: am a pretty stay at home person. but shopping.dancing, friends house

PRV: You recently moved form Miami To L.A why the change?

JB: to pursue my career.

PRV: How old are you?

JB: 20

PRV: Are you into women as well as men?

JB: am not into women unless the camera is on

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to fans?

JB: yes I do.

PRV: Ever have to deal with a crazy fan?

JB: not yet.

PRV: Where can your fans contact you?

JB: on twitter.

PRV: Any last words? Shoutouts? Anything to promote?

JB: visit and follow me on twitter @jasmineblaze