Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Momoko Mitchell

Momoko Mitchell is new to the porn industry. Shes young and ready to have fun. She has many scenes that she has done but yet to be released, that includes DVD's and website scenes. Read my interview with her and remember her face because shes not going anywhere.


PRV: Now im not to familiar with you but i must say your very attractive... so first off how did you get started in porn, why? How long have you been in porn?

MM: Simply because it's something I knew I'd be passionate about. Same reason why someone goes off to college to begin a career in medicine or science :P. I experimented with posting nude photos on 4chan and chansluts. Found out I absolutely loved taking nude photos. Finally the opportunity arose and I took the plunge in December 2010, moved to Florida but quit a month or two afterward. I just focused on nude modeling and the like. However I found a great agent and I came to LA on July 1st and have been working almost every day since! I love it so much.

PRV: How did you come up with your porn name?

MM: Its been a nickname for a very long time and I figured I'd stick with something similar to my internet handle :)

PRV: Are you currently in college?

MM: I am not. I plan on attending by the time I turn 21. I want to go to school to become a Veterinarian or Vet Assistant!

PRV: When you got on set to do your first scene for porn what was going through your head? Was it a B/G scene? Did you do anything embarrassing?

MM: Oh, I have such a vanilla answer to this! My first scene was a b/g in Phoenix AZ. I wasn't too nervous as I knew a girl, well knew of, who worked with them before. Everything went smoothly! In fact, I wish all scenes worked the way this one did lol.

PRV: How many companies have you shot for so far? And which companies?

MM: Ah quite a few. The ones that come to mind at the moment are Combat Zone, West Coast Productions, Reality Kings, BangBros, Porn Pros,

PRV: Favorite companies to work with so far?

MM: Combat Zone. Juan Cuba was a sweetie and I love Dion!

PRV: Do you get support from family and friends?

MM: My mother supports me 100%!! Wouldn't be as calm and collected if I couldn't rant to her. All my friends support it to I just think they worry about me sometimes, lol.

PRV: How does it feel being the new girl in porn?

MM: Doesn't phase me. Sometimes girls on set act like elitists and its just annoying. Every time someone does this I think to myself we're all here to do the same thing, you're no better than me so stop with the attitude.

PRV: What are your measurements?

MM: 36D 26 38

PRV: Favorite part of your body and why? ( I must say your face is beautiful )

MM: Probably my eyes! Especially when I have blue contacts in. I think theyre alluring.

PRV: I was reading your blog and you said that you needed work out or loose weight in order to shoot with big companies, Why do you need to do that? ( I personally feel your body is great the way it is)

MM: I've been contacted by a Japanese AV company and they want me to lose a few lbs.

PRV: What is your ethnicity, what are you mixed with?

MM: I choose to mainly identify with Black.

PRV: What is your favorite sexual activity and why?

MM: Giving head! I think its what I'm best at.

PRV: How old are you?

MM: I just turned 19 : )

PRV: Favorite Position and why?

MM: Doggy. I get to feel all of the cock this way~

PRV: How do you feel about doing interracial with African American male talent?

MM: Before LA I told myself I wouldn't do it. My agent said its crucial to just go ahead and do it regardless of personal preference. Don't get me wrong! I find black men attractive but a lot of porn with black males involves butt shaking and its just something I do poorly! So I wanted to avoid it all together. I've done a few scenes though so far and they've been really fun. Especially my first IR scene with Flash Brown.

PRV: What male and or female pornstar(s) do you wish to do scenes with?

MM: Dane Cross and Rin Aoki. Dane is so damn cute (*w* )

PRV: Favorite Male/ Female talent to work with so far?

MM: Red from Facial Abuse is probably my favorite. I was really struggling and he kept trying to cheer me up through out shooting.

PRV: Worst Male/ Female talent to work with so far?

MM: Eh, I shouldn't say!

PRV: Worst experience on set was when.... ?

MM: Filming for Facial Abuse. I loved being slapped around and fucked as hard as I was but the deep throat scenes were really killing me.

PRV: How do you like sex, slow and sensual or fast and pounding?

MM: Hard!

PRV: Do you like penis big or small? Does it matter?

MM: It doesn't matter to me. If you know how to use it thats all that counts.

PRV: Are you afraid of a cumshot to the face?

MM: Nope! I do prefer it shooting onto my tits though.

PRV: Shaved or Bush?

MM: On myself and other women, I prefer shaved. On men, definitely gotta go with bush!

PRV: Do guys tell you that you have a tight pussy?

MM: I've been told this before, yes ;P I know its far from loose!

PRV: Are you attracted to women off camera?

MM: Mostly just to asian girls!

PRV: Do you masturbate? Toys ? Fingers?

MM: 20% of the time I use toys. I much prefer my fingers.

PRV: Do you watch your own scenes? Why or Why not?

MM: I've only seen clips. The ones I do want to see aren't out yet ;~;

PRV: What makes you cum? Please get into detail

MM: Ah. Its too hard to explain!

PRV: What wont you do in porn?

MM: Anal.

PRV: Do you have alot of sex off camera? why or why not?

MM: My sex life off screen is kind of vanilla. Not by choice.

PRV: What do you want out of this porn experience?, An AVN award? Where do you see yourself in 5 years and doing what?

MM: Awards don't really matter to me. If I were to win one that'd be great but I won't stress over it. 5 years from now I hope I'm still in the game but if not I see myself back in AZ, going to school, and re entering rodeos.

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to your fans? How do you feel about pornstars who ignore their fans?

MM: Yes. Albeit I don't have much time but I always try to respond.

PRV: Any last words? (Twitter, Websites, Upcoming Scenes or Appearances, Bookings)

MM: Follow me @m0m0ko and visit my blog I'll be appearing in Combat Zones Relax, Hes My Stepdad with the lovely Kyle Stone and many other upcoming DVDs. Please support me!


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