Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rosa Bella

 Rosa Bella is a beautiful Dominican with a great body that is doing things her way. Started off with webcam modeling and soon launched her own website that she has full control over. Rosa loves sex and loves to please her fans. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her, see what she had to say....

PRV: I must say Your my favorite Internet sensation and an all around wonderful woman physically, and in personality... Now how did you get into porn? and why?

RB: Oh thank you :) blushing .......
About a year and a half ago i lost my job, a friend of mine saw that i was in need and mentioned webcam modeling.  I was a bit skeptical but also in a very tight spot. I checked it out and i liked it..  My followers would always ask if i had videos and photos, and a syou know most cam sites do not allow you to share.  i then started thinking about having my own website where my followers could go and get my videos pictures etc.. So here i am

PRV: Do your friends and family support you with decision to do porn?

RB: I am a very private about my life with family in general. The friends who do know about my website and cam do support me. Besides i really only need the support of my fans i dont see anyone else helping me pay my bills and putting me through college.

PRV: How was your first sexual experience? How old were you?

RB: Painful and scary.. LOL i was 17.5 years old... i remember my boyfriend went down on me and i kept thinking wtf is he doing, am i supposed to feel something.. lol it was quite akward.

PRV: How did you come up with the name Rosa Bella?

RB: After i lost my job, i became a waitress at a stripclub before i started doing webcam modeling (as they call it). I developed a huge crush on one of the strippers. guess what her name is.... You got it!! Rosabella
and YES.. i have made out with her several times.

PRV: You have a lovely website... Tell everyone what your site offers and why they should join?

RB: Thank you. Im very happy with it. You can even visit through your cell phone.  I have tons of videos, self and professional photo sets and i offer skype shows. I also have my own little store Where i sell anything i want. Posters, mouse pads, panties, socks, videos, custom items etc.. all you really  have to do is ask.

PRV: Your pretty much independent... Have ever shot for another site besides your own? Have you shot any big porn companies?

RB: i used to have another website but it didnt work out.  I have not shot for any big porn companies and i dont plan on it either. I like being amateur and recording my sexcapades myself from home or where ever i am, i think its much more fun and real. no acts no retakes etc.

PRV: Whats your ethnic background?

RB: I was born and raised in the dominican republic.. so i am DOMINICAN 100%

PRV: What are your measurements? and Whats your favorite part of your body? ... I personally love that ass of yours :)

RB: blushing.... my measurements as of late would be 34-28-36 made like a coca cola bottle *wink*

PRV: How tall are you?

RB: im short, 63 inches tall :)

PRV: Favorite male talent to work with? and why?

RB: ummm.. well i only work with my Bf , why... because i  love his cock and he is very easy going. i can try anything and everything.

PRV: Worst male talent to work with?

RB: those damn dildos that dont stick to shit!!! does a dildo count as male lol??

PRV: What is your position on working with African American male talent? Many female pornstars refuse to do it.

RB: I dont see absolutely anything wrong with african american male talents, the only thing i can possibly think of is that they see huge cock and they run scared..

PRV: Worst female talent to work with and why?

RB: wow... This is going to be a long one.. LOL
so far i have only worked with one female.  and i must say it has been the biggest mistake of my life.. What a fucking headache..
I drove 5 hrs to this girls house  made two films. Before i even got the films emailed to me, fuck before i even left her house she was already posting and selling the videos everywhere she wanted.  I never agreed to that, the videos were only meant to be used for my 1st website, which no longer exist. (we both had members site in the same place)
not only did she not split the cost of gas and lodgins, she is  selling the videos without my consent she spreads rumors about me, stalks me, has managed to close down my blogger and just plainly annoys the fuck outta me. 300 plus dollars and two days of my life wasted for nothing.  It's sad to know that some people just do not have respect or work ethics. Now adays i just give the videos out for free.. im so generous.

PRV: Favorite position?

RB: Doggie style....

PRV: Penis size: Big or Small? Does it matter?

RB: yes it does matter.. lol I love BIG COCK.. im such a perv
im not saying small cock is not good, im just saying it doesnt quite fill me up as good as a large cock..

PRV: Whats the best way to make you cum?

RB: Start nice and slow, tease me.... When instructed pick up the pace and hit that spot deep and hard... yup i just came..

PRV: What are you doing when you have time to yourself?

RB: many things.. I love to read, i go joggin, i walk my dog, cook hang out with friends or just be lazy and watch netflix

PRV: Do you masturbate? If so do you use toys or fingers? and How often?

RB: all the time.... it all depends on my mood. sometimes i masturbate 3 time sin a day.. i use toys fingers and my imagination.

PRV: Have you won any awards? and Does winning an award matter to you?

RB: No and No.

PRV: If you don't mind me asking.... Are you currently in a relationship?

RB: Yes i am.

PRV: Anal yes or no?  Why or why not?

RB: tried it with cock did not like it. tried it with toy and still do not like it..

PRV: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

RB: in five years most likely chasing 3 kids around the house.

PRV: I know you do webcamming.... Will you continue to do that?

RB: Not for long. Eventually i will only do webcam shows by request.

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to your fans?

RB: yes i do. sometimes i log into my webcam just to chat and joke around.

PRV: Any crazy fan stories?

RB: Not really...

PRV: Any last words? (Twitter, Facebook, Booking. etc.)

RB: twitter :!/RosaBellaxxx


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