Friday, August 19, 2011

Bebe Mendes

 Bebe Mendes is a pretty and petite newcomer. She is Cuban and Ecuadorian and has shot with Bangbros, Realitykings, and other sites. I recently got the privilege to interview her, read what she had to say. 

PRV: To my understanding your new to the porn industry,
So how did you get into porn, when, and why?

BM: Yes I started 2 months ago, one of my friends knew an agent in Miami, she introduced me to him and i signed with his agency 2 days later. Its been great ever since.
( I'm signed with Robin Steel for SoBeXOTIC Models )

PRV: How do your family and friends feel about you being in porn?

BM: My mother supports me 100% percent, she actually talked me into doing it lol. As long as she knows and is fine with it thats all that really matters. Everyone is supportive.

PRV: How did you come up with the name Bebe Mendes?

BM: I have always liked the name Bebe its a cute name and my manager pretty much came up with my last name.

PRV: How many scenes have you shot so far? And for what companies?

BM: Ive shot for Reality Kings a few times, Bang bros, Brazzers/Mofos, ATK, Cuban Kings, Tom Moore, Kick ass, two sparrows, Elevation and a bunch more. Not all are released yet though.

PRV: Do you have a favorite company you've worked with so far?

BM: I really like working with Reality Kings in Miami they are so much fun.

PRV: Favorite Scene so far?

BM: id have to say In the VIP for Reality Kings or my scene for Mofos.

PRV: Worst scene so far?

BM: My latina rampage scene for bang bros, the male talent was a dick, never again will I work with him. They rescheduled the scene and it turned out great.

PRV: Favorite male talent or female talent you've worked with?

BM: I dont really have a favorite yet but Evan Stone was really great to work with. Hes awesome.

PRV: Least favorite male talent or female talent you've worked with?

BM: I added Champ to my NO LIST, he's horrible. He works for bang bros.

PRV: Whats your ethnic background?

BM: Cuban and Ecuadorian

PRV: Your currently living in Miami?

BM: Yes Miami Beach :)

PRV: What are your measurements?

BM: 32A 24 36

PRV: Favorite part of your body?

BM: my stomach

PRV: Favorite Position?

BM: on top

PRV: What do u do when not shooting porn?

BM: I have 2 kids so I pretty much spend time with them and I love to party and vacation :)

PRV: Do you watch your own scenes?

BM: Not really

PRV: Whats the difference between porn sex and personal sex?

BM: The emotion behind it, One is a job and I dont really choose my partner and the other well yeah :) lol

PRV: What do you like in a man?

BM: I love someone who respects me and is honest. nothing sexier then that.

PRV: Are you into women?

BM: In movies yes, in my personal life i love men.

PRV: What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

BM: Hopefully working in the medical field thats what i have been studying.

PRV: Do you masturbate? If so do you use toys?

BM: I never really was into that, i prefer the real thing

PRV: Do you enjoy talking to your fans?

BM: Yes Im starting to get more into my social sites, but I adore everyone who adores me. Love you guys

PRV: Any last words? (Booking, Twitter, Website, etc.)

BM: Thank you to Perv Interview for the opportunity for this interview and I look forward to plenty more in the near future. Thank you to all my fans I love you all.

Robin Steel
SoBeXOTIC Model Mgmt
or hit my manager direct on twitter @RobinSteelxXx
My twitter is @BebeMendesxXx


  1. I've went with her a few go sees. Shes a sweetie!